Mid-Year Recap of Changes on Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms are constantly evolving and without dedicated attention paid to these changes, your marketing strategy could fall behind and become outdated. Luckily, our team at SocialEyes Communications is dedicated to staying on top of these updates and expertly incorporating them into our clients’ marketing plans.

Here, we’ll explore some of the biggest updates to social media platforms in the last six months.


Recently, Meta announced that it will be allowing all Reel creators to take advantage of the Facebook Stars feature. This feature allows Reel watchers to purchase stars at different amounts and send them to the Reel creator. This update allows more creators to have more options for monetizing their content.

Meta also wants to make it easier for consumers to purchase goods and services through the platform, so they’ve announced that they are working on a new digital wallet. What makes this wallet so unique is that it will allow users to own NFTs or non-fungible tokens. Because this concept is foreign to most users, Meta also released a guide on what NFTs are and how you will be able to use them on the platform one day.


Instagram is giving users more control over how their profiles look to their followers. In the grid feed, typically, a user’s most recent grid posts show up in the top squares. With this new update, users can pin three posts to the tops of their grids to override the chronological order. This could be excellent for brands who want to keep key informational posts near the top.

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The not-so-new kid on the social media platform block has revealed an update that is making marketers clap with glee. TikTok announced its new Attribution Manager which allows ad managers to select specific and customized attributions to their ads. This means ad managers can glean more data from their ads’ performances on the platform.

In other TikTok news, after the platform was found to be failing at protecting younger users from viewing inappropriate content, they’ve made some changes. One of the facets of this update makes it easier for users to flag ad content that is unbranded or was created to trick children into making a purchase. Since cracking down on ad transparency in the app, marketers are reminded to be extra diligent in ensuring their ads are ethical and above board.


To improve engagement on the platform, Twitter announced it will be rolling out Branded Likes. These Likes are animated and branded, as the name suggests, and will come at a cost to the brand. They will be available to all Twitter users in the US, UK, and Japan first before rolling out to everyone else.

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