Our Process

Our success (and consequently our client’s success) lies in the unique process we have developed.

Here’s is what you can expect when working with us:


Our first objective is to understand your primary needs and what you are looking to achieve. This happens during your initial consult call. In this call, we will discuss objectives, budget and our different service offerings. Once you have decided which services are best aligned with overall business objectives, we will begin the Discovery Process.


During the Discovery phase we get to know your business inside out. We will conduct a further audit, look at your competitors, build audiences and we will work on your brand vision and marketing strategy.


Once Discovery is complete, we move on to Onboarding. Here is where we become an extension of your business. We will connect systems, share assets, information and streamline process. Our partnership begins!


We will roll out your strategy set out from Discovery and will launch objectives such as content, campaigns, ads, videos, database building, etc. This time is critical to establish benchmarks, KPI’s and baselines from the data we collect during this phase. We will analyze and collect insights monthly and observe results.


In this phase we have collected data that can be further analyzed to ensure we are going to hit our main targets and KPI’s. Our findings will be reported and reviewed with you at the three month mark.


All SocialEyes clients receive regular reports. Our Accounts Managers and entire team are always planning for the future and how to best market your business. We are constantly tailoring, tweaking and checking in on strategy while measuring results.

What clients see and experience monthly:

  • A dedicated account manager
  • An editorial content calendar
  • Strategy calls
  • Regular reporting
  • Community Management
  • Ad management
  • Asset creation (photoshoots, video shoots, copy, creative)
  • Campaign Management
  • Monthly services

What goes on in the background:

  • Team leads
  • Copy-editors
  • Internal review process
  • Ongoing internal training sessions
  • Platform updates and troubleshooting
  • Internal strategy reviews
  • Ad budget tweak
  • Ad specialists
  • Blog writers
  • Videographers
  • Photographers
  • SEO specialists
  • Google AdWords specialists
  • Editors
  • Logo Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Creative brainstorm sessions
  • Software updates
  • Security updates/ checks
  • Business Development reviews
  • Email marketing specialists
  • CRM Facilitation
  • Website consulting
  • Website design