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Lawyer’s Daily: Podcasting for Lawyers

There’s a podcast for every topic under the sun, including the world of law and legal services. Podcasts are becoming a popular and effective forum for both content consumption and content…
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Social Media Examiner – How Marketers Can Respond to Apple’s iOS 14 Privacy Update

Do your customers use iPhones? Wondering how you should alter your marketing based on the new Apple privacy updates? In this article, you’ll discover six tips to adjust your marketing activities in response to the data tracking permissions changes coming your way.
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REM – Real Estate Magazine Online: Branding for Realtors in 2021

Operating as a predominantly in-person business based on face-to-face transactions, Realtors have undergone seismic shifts in how business is conducted during the pandemic. Though COVID-19 catapulted Realtors into having to rely solely on digital means to communicate with their networks, the truth is, this change has been happening since the dawn of social media.
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Women of Influence: 4 Stress-Free Tips for Getting Comfortable Discussing Your Pricing

As a woman in business, I can say based on my personal experience that we care about providing value, and are willing to mentor each other so we all win. But one thing many of us struggle with is talking about our fees and pricing. When we’re opposite a male client or business owner, proving the monetary value of our products or services feels even more challenging. Why?
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The Benefits And Challenges Of Remote Work

The Benefits And Challenges Of Remote Work- In the wake of 2020, a year of world-shifting events, principally the Covid-19 global health crisis––remote work, and virtual recruitment has become the new normal. In today’s technology driven world, remote work has equipped businesses with increased opportunities to modernize, improve performance and design flexible work offerings.
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Attorney at Law Magazine – Best Practices for Lawyer Lead Generation

Lead generation for law firms and attorneys can come across as a complicated tactic. For some, there is even a negative connotation around lead generation – being “too salesy” a concept. However, utilizing effective methods to attract new clients is crucial for business development and cash flow. But what exactly is an effective lead generation strategy for law firms and what does it look like? Here, we will explore just that and show you how to get started right away.
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Day Law Library – 4 Tips for Utilizing LinkedIn Effectively for Attorneys

There are various social media platforms that are widely used by professional service providers. LinkedIn is the one platform that attorneys seem to be most comfortable with and spend the most time on. After all, LinkedIn is a platform used most predominantly by professionals for professional networking.
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REM – Real Estate Magazine Online – 5 Real Estate Marketing Trends to Watch in 2021

As we move into 2021, we recognize that the old ways of doing business may never fully return to what it was before, and to succeed in the real estate game, Realtors have to adapt. The following are a few of the longer-term trends we see continuing into 2021 and beyond.
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Attorney at Law Magazine – 4 Digital Marketing Trends for Attorneys and Firms for 2021

In a world of change, transformation and unique circumstances, one thing remains constant and necessary; the need for strong marketing for any professional service provider. As 2020 saw businesses thrive, and others crumble, the power of technology and digital resources became stronger and even more critical.
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Woman Entrepreuner – Helping business owners fulfill their widest potential

Prior to launching SocialEyes Communications in 2015, I worked at a large litigation firm in downtown Toronto. I started my career as a Paralegal and eventually transitioned into a business development and marketing role at the firm. It was in that role, that I honed my skills in social media marketing, content creation, business development, and internet marketing.
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REM – Real Estate Magazine Online – The wholistic approach

As a Realtor, you’ve been told how crucial it is to market yourself and your business, but what exactly does that mean and how does one go about it? There are so many different elements to marketing, how do you know where to start? Social media? Social ads? Video marketing? SEO? Where do you start and which strategy is most effective?
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REM – Real Estate Magazine Online – 5 burning questions for the real estate market

During the last five to six weeks, Realtors across Canada have been adapting to this new “normal” and are pondering what’s to come post COVID-19. What will the market do when all of this is said and done? What will post-quarantine life look like?

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REM – Real Estate Magazine Online – 4 best practices for using social media in 2020

Whether you are investing time, money or both, it is crucial to see a return on investment on your social media in terms of reach, brand building, lead generation, and yes, sales.
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Lawyer’s Daily: Five social media tips for solo lawyers, small law firms

People are spending more time on social media than ever before. In a Harris Poll, over half of all adult respondents reported using social media more now than they did pre-pandemic.
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Lawyer’s Daily: Lead generation and list building: How to effectively target market

If done right, online lead generation and list building techniques are effective strategies for lawyers and others in professional services. The idea behind generating a lead online is to take a prospect from curious (cold) to qualified (warm) and ultimately convert contact to client.
Read More – Real Estate Magazine Online – 5 Burning Questions for the Real Estate Market

During the last five to six weeks, Realtors across Canada have been adapting to this new “normal” and are pondering what’s to come post COVID-19. What will the market do when all of this is said and done? What will post-quarantine life look like?
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Social Media Examiner – How to Get Started With Instagram Stories for Business

Curious about using Instagram Stories for business? Wondering what type of Instagram Stories content works best?In this article, you’ll discover how to get started with Instagram Stories video for your business.
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JeffBullas.Com – 5 Surprising Ways to Increase Instagram Engagement

If you are attempting to effectively increase your engagement on Instagram, then you are fighting with 75% of the rest of the businesses who are trying to do the exact same thing… Here are 5 strategies that you can implement today to begin building a stronger following and increase your Instagram engagement.
Read More – Real Estate Magazine Online – 4 Ways to Show a Home Without Being there

The reasons why people have to buy or sell is still the same now as it was before the COVID-19 virus hit but the process has changed. Perhaps a buyer bought earlier this year and now needs to sell, or a seller sold their home within the last 60 days and now needs to buy. Flattening the curve, however, means that there are no more open houses, no or limited in-person showings and definitely no sealing the deal with a handshake. Here are four creative and technologically advanced ways to showcase a home.
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Women of Influence: Meet Marly Broudie, Founder and President of SocialEyes Communications

My boldest move to date was… Leaving my secure, salaried job one month after getting married. My husband had just split ways with a business partner, our finances were in flux and our plans were precarious. But I knew in my gut that there was no better time than the present. We didn’t have kids, we lived in a small one-bedroom apartment and our bills were manageable. I knew that if I was ever going to make a move and build something big – it needed to be now. That was my boldest move. It also turned out to be my best.
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Social Media Examiner: 4 Ways to Use TikTok for Business

Wondering how to use TikTok for your business? Looking for tips to increase your TikTok success?
In this article, you’ll discover four ways your business can succeed on TikTok.
TikTok is the newest trend in social media with more than 1.5 billion downloads on the App Store and Google Play and more than 500 million active monthly users. The platform consists of 15- and 60-second user-recorded videos that allow for in-app editing and integration with the other major social players.
Read More Real Estate Magazine Online – 5 Ways to Optimize The Power of Social Media Marketing

The real estate industry at one time depended solely on old school, traditional means of marketing, including lots of cold calling, expensive flyer distribution, bus stop ads and billboards. It is safe to say that the real estate market is now online and relies profoundly on the power of social media marketing.
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JeffBullas.Com – How To Build a Business and Raise a Family as a Young Woman

How do female entrepreneurs make it? How do they succeed? And more importantly, how do they successfully build a family and a business at the same time?
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Lexpert Magazine: Social Media Changes Legal Profession

Social media and digital marketing have shifted the landscape for the legal profession—from the office to the courtroom and more importantly, when it comes to engagement with clients and prospects. In today’s technologically advanced world, we have become spoiled by instant gratification—anything and everything is within a click of a button. Research is no longer conducted from a library while the Yellow Pages have been substituted by Google. Thoughts and beliefs become corroborated or contradicted as soon as they pop up on social media platforms, and our desire for immediate answers reigns supreme in this era of impatience. The online digital-marketing movement has had a direct impact on how lawyers and law firms operate—from building relationships to retaining business.
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Lawyer’s Daily: Marketing for Lawyers and Law Firms: The Evolution

Legal marketing has gone through a major shift and notable evolution over the years. There was once a time where the law society prevented lawyers and firms from marketing themselves and in some cases even forbade many forms of marketing and soliciting business via means of advertising strategy. Lawyers were not allowed to advertise on TV, billboards, buses, via Yellow Pages, radio, etc.
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Lawyer’s Daily: Marketing for Lawyers and Law Firms: Analytics are Gold

In the part one of this series, “Marketing for lawyers and law firms: The evolution,” we discussed the evolution of legal marketing. Historically, lawyers and law firms were prevented from advertising or marketing themselves due to protection of the legal industry and power of advertising persuasion. Today, marketing strategy is mainstream and the use of digital marketing and social media is the norm. As lawyers and firms adapt and innovate, a few common themes and questions keep surfacing. “How do we track return on investment?” “How are we doing?” “Is our strategy working?”
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Canadian Small Business Women: 2 Babies and a Business

How do women entrepreneurs make it? How do they succeed? And more importantly, how do they have children, build a family and at the same time, build a business?
It comes down to four major components:

1. Serious time management
2. Passion
3. A vision
4. Support
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Canadian Small Business Women: Optimizing Your Business in 2019

Developing an effective online marketing strategy is essential for business growth – we know that. If you are not marketing your services online, your competitors are. Think of the web and social profiles as an opportunity to provide a first impression for your clients and prospects. Strong branding can attract new clients, while weak or non-existent branding can leave you trailing behind your competitors, and may even lead to a loss of existing clients.
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Canadian Small Business Women – 5 Elements of a Successful Brand

Do you know what it takes to build and maintain a successful brand? It is about more than just getting eyeballs on your website.
A strong branding strategy encompasses five key elements:
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