Instagram Changes: Following and Favourites

It seems like every month, Instagram rolls out new features that make marketing your business easier and more efficient. However, staying apprised of these changes can be time-consuming which is why we take care of that for you!

Here, we’ll explain Instagram’s newest rollout of the Following and Favourites feed options.

The Feed

When you open your Instagram feed, the algorithm typically shows you posts from accounts you engage with the most, view the most, and posts that it thinks you will want to see based on your history.

This default feed algorithm was alright, but the changes Instagram has rolled out are much more satisfying to users.

The Favourites Feature

In addition to the default feed we’re all used to, users can now select either Favourites or Following from the top left corner of the mobile app.

The Favourites option comprises of accounts that the user has labelled as their Favourites.

How can users add accounts to their Favourites list?

They do this by going to their personal profile and tapping the menu in the top right corner of their screen. Near the bottom of the menu, they will find “Favourites” which they can click, and use the search bar to find accounts. When they see an account they like, they can click “Add” next to it.

Users can also go to a brand’s profile and click the “Following” button. A pop-up menu will appear where they can select “Add to Favourites”.

The Following Feature

From the same tab that users select “Favourites”, they can also select “Following”. This option allows them to see posts from accounts that they follow.

What makes this option different from the default feed view?

The normal feed view includes posts from accounts you follow with the addition of posts from suggested accounts and ads. The Following view does not show posts or ads from suggested accounts.

Both the Following feed option and the Favourites feed option will show posts in chronological order.

Using Instagram to Market Your Business

Now that users can curate which accounts’ posts they see on their home feed, what does that mean for your marketing strategy?

It means that producing engaging and enticing content for your account’s feed is even more important. Building relationships and having pleasant social interactions online are also crucial. For a user to add your account to their Favourites list, they have to want to see your content. Focus on showing up authentically on social media through engaging, entertaining, and informational content.

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