Digital Marketing Best Practices for Lawyers

As a lawyer, you spent years in higher education learning to be the best attorney you could be. But all those years of schooling likely didn’t teach you how to market your firm or your services.

We specialize in creating and expanding the digital presence of lawyers, firms, and other professional service providers. From our many years of experience and expertise, these are the best practices for digital marketing for lawyers.

  1. Set Goals

Everything about digital marketing is measurable. This means that you can set very specific goals and know exactly what is working and what isn’t. So, before you start creating content, set some goals.

Do you want to find new clients?

Do you want to improve your firm’s credibility in the field?

Do you want to shift niches into a different area of law?

What is your reason for wanting to market online? Once you can nail that down, you can create an effective path to get you there.

  1. Plan Your Content

The most common platform for lawyers to promote themselves on is LinkedIn, followed by Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. If you are new to social media, choose one platform to master before adding in others.

Consider who your target audience is online. If you are a family lawyer, you will likely be targeting parents and couples.

Think about when parents typically spend time online and post your content at those times. Create a mix of image and text posts as well as short-form video content to grow your online presence.

  1. Measure Your Progress

Once you have a plan in place, track the metrics that matter most to your goal.

For example, if you want to generate leads to your law firm’s website, it’s important to track the click-thru-rate from your social media profile to your site.

If you want to boost your industry reputation, content marketing is key. Measure how often other professionals are interacting with your content and sharing it with their followers.

When you start to see the traction of your strategies take off, you know that what you’re doing is working. If you aren’t getting closer to your goal, it may be time to switch up your strategy or hire a professional.

  1. Add Value

The most important aspect of digital marketing is the value you add to your followers’ lives. The people who see your Facebook ads, Instagram Stories, or LinkedIn posts could one day be your clients.

Some examples of ways you can add value are by sharing non-specific advice, tips for working with an attorney, and your ideas for handling a messy divorce.

The more value you provide them through your online content, the more they learn to trust you and remember your brand.

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