Attention Lawyers: Overcoming the Fear of Digital Marketing

Thanks to the global pandemic, lawyers who never operated online before were forced to pivot to accommodate social distancing restrictions. We saw firms that once relied on billboards, ranking directories and bus stops start to utilize the power of digital marketing for advertising and networking purposes.  

For your firm to continue growing and serving your clients, digital marketing is not a nice to have any more, it has become a must have. Aside from the opportunity to elevate awareness and reach new audiences, it is more important now than ever before to exist where your target market is spending their time, and where your competitors are as well.

Here, we are going to explore why it’s time to go digital, the benefits, and how to get started.  

  1. It’s Quick and Simple

There’s a common misconception that social media marketing will take up all your time and force you to spend less time on your actual business. This is false. In fact, digital marketing can be simple, easy, and take up very little of your time.

Thanks to social scheduling platforms, you can create all content in one sitting and schedule it to go live throughout the following weeks or even months. Want it to be even easier? Our team can take care of everything from content creation to presence monitoring while you focus on serving your clients.

  • It’s an Opportunity for Business Development

No matter what field your firm specializes in, your clientele spends time online. They might prefer one platform over another, but you can be certain that they use social media in some capacity. To stay relevant and keep your finger on the pulse, you need to show up where your clients and prospects do.

Through effective market research and ad targeting, you can get your firm in front of your target audience and demographic. Not only that, but social media helps you retain your client base by nurturing your relationships, keeping you top of their mind, and giving you another outlet to provide them with value.

  • It’s Like a Billboard or Print Feature – Only Better

For decades, lawyers and firms used billboards or printed ads to advertise their services. You would, and still do, see lawyers’ faces on the sides of buses, at bus stops, and in giant billboards overlooking the street.

The problem is that no one knows how effective traditional marketing methods like these truly are. There is no counter on the billboard showing how many people saw the sign and then called your firm.

With digital marketing, you have those analytics to rely on and so much more.

With one social ad, you can track who sees it, what they do when they see it, and what action they take after clicking it. This allows you to improve future ads because you have proof of what works and what doesn’t. The ROI for your marketing budget is so much larger than it is from a billboard!

Ready to Take the Plunge?

If you’re hesitant about using digital marketing for your firm, we understand. It’s a whole new world full of potential.  Our team specialize in helping lawyers and firms establish an online presence and use digital marketing to attract and retain clients. When you work with us, we take care of the marketing so you can focus on your practice. Contact us today to learn more or get started.