Why You Shouldn’t Run Your Own Ads

A big part of what makes digital marketing so crucial to growing your firm or business is running engaging, enticing, and effective social media ads. It’s not enough to simply post to your Instagram feed or do the occasional Facebook Live. If you really want to utilize all social media has to offer your business, incorporating ads is mandatory.

Here, we’ll explore how to ensure your ads are successful and why hiring a professional to run them for you is the best option.

The Importance of Running Ads

It’s difficult to compete with other firms or businesses these days online without having an expert ad strategy. A highly customized and targeted ad strategy not only funnels leads to your website, but it can also get your brand in front of consumers you wouldn’t otherwise interact with.

How to Run Ads Successfully

Some business owners incorrectly assume they can throw some money at Facebook ads, and they will reach the right people with the right message. While there is an aspect of testing in a good ad strategy, your ads should always be intentional and well-thought-out.

Doing market research and consumer research is incredibly important before you spend money on ads. You must have a goal associated with your ad, and a target that, once hit, signifies that your strategy was effective and can be repeated.

To know when an ad is successful, it must be monitored. Understanding the data associated with ads can be helpful, such as knowing the click-thru-rate. Without knowing this information, you won’t know when your budget needs to be increased or reallocated to be more successful.

Should You Outsource Your Ads?

As you can see, running effective ads that bring a high return on investment requires a lot of work and expertise. While you can certainly take the time to learn how to run ads, do you really want to?

You spend your days managing your people, nurturing leads, connecting with past and present clients, and planning your next steps. Your time is taken working on your business. If you don’t want to spend your free hours doing social media ad implementation, you’re in luck.

A digital marketing agency can run your social media ad campaigns. We can conduct all necessary research on your business and your clients’ ad preferences. From there, we can craft a customed and highly detailed plan of attack for your ads. We will follow and track the ads from creation to expiry, noting what works well and what doesn’t, informing what strategy you should follow next.

Not to mention the fact that social media marketing agencies pride themselves on staying apprised of all platform changes and updates. If there’s an update that will impact your marketing strategy, an agency will ensure your plan adapts seamlessly.

How We Can Help

SocialEyes Communications comprises of a team of experienced social media ad managers. We have the expertise to ensure your investment in social ads is returned in spades.

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