Social Media Marketing Ideas for the Holidays

The holiday season is lucrative for almost every type of business. Consumers are shopping till they drop, and manufacturers are doubling their inventories to prepare for it. The social media marketing you’ve done all year has led you to this season. But, what now? How do you leverage your social marketing efforts and capitalize on all those wish lists? Here are three ideas to make the most of your social media marketing during the holidays.

  1. Get Personal

The holidays are a competitive time for businesses, especially B2C. Every one of your competitors is paying the inflated cost for social media ads and Google ads. To stand out, take a different route: get personal with your audience.

Today’s consumers want to buy from brands that they can relate to, identify with, and trust. That means showing the human side of your brand. We already know how amazing video content performs on social media. So, consider doing a daily Facebook live where you interview one of your team members and ask them about their favourite product from your brand. Talk about the causes your business supports. Get real about how your products or services can change consumers’ lives. There’s no better time to show your brand’s authenticity.

2. Make Holiday Content

Get in the festive spirit with consumers and start celebrating the season on your social media pages. That doesn’t just mean adding red and green to your brand colours (although that can be a fun idea). Consider your business goal for the holiday season and then create content to help achieve it.

Let’s say you want to collect user-generated content that you can use for the following year. Hold a holiday-themed giveaway for each of the 12 days of Christmas. For people to enter, they must send you a selfie of them with one of your products. Or, perhaps your goal is to follow up with those customers who showed interest but didn’t buy throughout the year. Focus your ad budget for December on retargeting those users with holiday reminders of the products they showed interest in.

3. Stay Consistent

It’s easy to get overwhelmed during the holiday season with increased orders and dwindling time. You might start putting social media on the backburner and neglect new messages in your social inboxes. However, there’s never been a more crucial time to be consistent with your social media marketing. Even if you don’t use a social post scheduler during the year, consider it for the holidays. You can pre-write a ton of posts and schedule them to go out every day of the week (or whenever your target audience is most likely to see them).

On Facebook, don’t let your engagement fall to the wayside. You can create Facebook Messenger drip campaigns that ensure every person who reaches out to your brand gets a response. Mobile Monkey published a super helpful article on how to set up your first drip campaign on Messenger.

Our final tip is to work with a reputable social media marketing agency to boost your leads and sales, especially during the holidays. Contact us today to learn more.