Holiday Campaign Ideas for Professional Service Providers

The holiday season is the perfect time of year to spread both festive cheer and brand awareness. It’s a time for giving back, showing gratitude, and nurturing your client relationships. Holiday marketing campaigns are starting to take off, and whether you’re a realtor, lawyer, or another professional service provider, you don’t want to miss out on the fun.

If you need some peppermint-fresh ideas for holiday marketing campaigns, keep reading.

  1. Get Philanthropic

Is there a cause you and your team deeply care about? People are excited to give and donate this time of year, so fundraising or promoting a charity can easily be tied into your marketing campaign.

Consider fundraising with your team for the charity of your choice. Share your progress on social media through posts, stories, and Reels. For each fundraising milestone, share a post of team members doing a festive activity like snow angels or dressing up like Santa.

Getting philanthropic through your marketing campaign is not only fun for your team, but it shows potential clients your business’s caring personality which helps them build trust.

  1. Collaborate with Small Businesses

Professional service providers and small retail businesses can lean on each other through their holiday campaigns. By promoting small businesses in your community, you build relationships with those business owners and their supporters.

Consider planning a “12 Days of Small Business Support” campaign. On each day, share a business you love, what they sell, and why your followers should shop with them. Coordinate with each business owner to promote you on their page too. They could post a simple photo of you visiting their store, thanking you for the business, and letting people know how to contact you if they need your services.

  1. Make the Most of Short-Form Videos

Instagram and other platforms have expanded their short-form video features allowing you to share more with your audience and for potential clients to learn more about you.

Make the most of these features by recording and sharing holiday-themed videos. You could use one of the many festive filters available on each platform or create a branded one of your own.

Another idea is to record a 10-second clip of each team member saying what they’re most looking forward to this holiday season. String the clips together in one video and post it as an Instagram Reel.

Make sure you’re sharing user-generated content on your profiles as well. If a user commends you for your philanthropic fundraising in their Stories, share their Story to your profile and spread the love.

  1. Share the Love

Are you able to offer a discount on any of your services this time of year? Can you host a contest for your social media followers to win a gift basket of goodies from your favourite local businesses? These are two ideas to share the love this season through your social media marketing campaigns.

Social media is all about connecting with people and building relationships with them. Why? Because each unique user could become your next client.

Need Help with Your Holiday Marketing Campaign?

If you have a lot on your plate this holiday season, allow the SocialEyes Communications team to handle your holiday campaigns. Contact us today to learn more.