Digital Marketing Lessons Learned in 2022 (& What to Do in 2023!)

The digital marketing landscape experienced several changes in 2022. From old platforms evolving and new consumer behaviours to a refocus on the importance of paid ads, there were many lessons learned for business owners to carry forward into 2023. Here, we’ll go over the five biggest digital marketing lessons of 2022.

Lesson #1: Paid Ads Are a MUST

Organic traffic and engagement are always valuable objectives to work towards, but 2022 has confirmed that you cannot solely rely on them. Posting social media content and hoping for users to find it isn’t enough, and it isn’t going to expand your brand’s reach online.

Paid ads are a must when it comes to visibility and awareness, whether that’s social media ads or Google Ads. To optimize your ROI for paid ads, don’t manage them yourself.

Lesson #2: Short Video Content

Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and even YouTube are showing us how much more valuable short-form content is than longer-form video content. While there is still a place for long videos on YouTube, even the video hosting platform introduced YouTube Shorts to capitalize on this lasting trend. In 2022, they rolled out an ads program for Shorts.

In 2023, continue to create short video content that can be posted to your social media pages.

Lesson #3: Platforms to Use

New social platforms get developed every year, but there is far from any guarantee that they will do as well as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter. These old favourites are evolving to keep up with the times by adding new features and, in Facebook’s case, rebranding.

2022 welcomed Meta, Facebook’s new name and the Meta-verse it lives in. We learned that there are plans to increase opportunities for paid features across its platforms.

What about those other platforms that are less known for digital marketing capabilities, like Clubhouse? This platform still garners thousands of users every month, but nowhere near as many as the core four mentioned above. Clubhouse saw a steep rise and decline in users in 2021 and 2022, and other big platforms have introduced social audio features themselves.

Lesson #4: Consumer Behaviour Changes

The way consumers use their devices has continued to evolve in 2022. They are more inclined to send instant messages than talk on the phone, and many choose to record voice memos over sending text messages.

What does this mean for business owners and marketers? It means convenience is king, and if your content isn’t easily accessible and understandable, it doesn’t stand a chance.

Lesson #5: Less Focus Needed on Follower Count

There was a time when a brand’s follower count on social media mattered more than any other metric. Today, and in the past couple of years, that has proven to be a metric of the past. A high follower count on any platform does not guarantee high conversions.

It is much more important to focus on garnering higher quality followers and engagement on your social media platforms. View your followers as potential leads that you can nurture, build trust and credibility with, and ultimately, successfully sell your products or services to.

Finish 2022 Strong with an Effective Marketing Plan

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