5 Digital Marketing Trends for Fall

With a new season comes new trends in digital marketing. Fall is when parents think about back to school and Thanksgiving get-togethers, businesses think about their quarter-four goals, and brands start preparing for the holiday shopping season.

Whether you’re a firm owner, realtor, or another type of professional service provider, you don’t want to miss out on these five digital marketing trends for fall.

  1. Plan Campaigns Around Fall Themes
    • Holidays and events are great for pairing with your upcoming campaigns and promotions. Maybe you’re rolling out a new service offering, providing a veteran’s discount around Remembrance Day, or planning on promoting your highest tier offering. Here are some important events to keep on your radar:
      • Back to School
      • Thanksgiving
      • Remembrance Day
      • Halloween
    • Check out this blog on holiday campaign ideas for professional service providers!
  2. Update Your Social Media Pages
    • Celebrate the change in seasons with your followers. Update your social media graphics, profile pictures, banner images, and logo with a fall theme. You could change your colours to include browns, oranges, yellows, and burgundy. Consider adding a frame around your profile pictures that depict fall imagery.
    • Updating the creative features of your brand’s social media pages isn’t just for fun. Doing so helps you stand out from your competitors, promote seasonal campaigns, and connect with your followers on an emotional level.
  3. Tease Holiday Shopping
    • The months leading up to the winter holidays are lucrative for many businesses, especially if you sell a good or service that people want to gift to others. 27 per cent of consumers start holiday shopping at the end of September. Your fall marketing plan could start with teasing the deals consumers might get in the coming weeks and months, followed by full-on promotions of your holiday deals.
  4. Launch a New Referral Program
    • Since consumers are starting to shop for the holidays in the fall, now is the perfect time to launch a new referral program. You want to incentivize customers to shop with you, and to influence their friends and family to shop with you too.
    • Perhaps any existing client who brings you a new client can get 10 per cent off your next service, for example. There are lots of rewards you can give in return for customers bringing you more customers.
  5. Assess Your Marketing Goals
    • The last digital marketing trend for fall may be the most important: evaluating your marketing goals. If you set goals for the last quarter of the year, start the season by assessing how attainable they are. Do you want to double your goal? Do you have a leftover marketing budget to spend this season?
    • Decide what your final goals for the year will be and create a marketing strategy that will help you achieve them.

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