2022: A Year In Review

Every year on December 31, I put “pen to paper” and reflect on the year that has passed, and together with Dave, we set new goals for the year ahead. The goal-setting is actually a constant practice we do at SocialEyes, however, it doesn’t feel official until I publish this yearly blog post!

A bit of a recap over the last few years:

  • 2019 was a pivotal year with fantastic milestones – we had our new logo designed, launched our website refresh, got new printed collateral, won some great publication features and threw our first ever charity event in support of Sick Kids – something on my bucket list to do again soon!
  • 2020 was a year of reflection, change and transformation – 2020 injected new meaning into our business and also our personal lives. Covid shook our world, our businesses and for many of us, our mental health. 2020 was a year of important lessons – both personally and professionally. We learned the importance of resilience, adaptability and understanding.
  • 2021 was the year of agility and growth! – We carried over what we learned in 2020 – and really focused on agility, adaptation, company culture and realized our value as a company and brand. We achieved some great strides – growing our team, slowly expanding into the US, winning some great media and PR opportunities, and got together for our first SEC In-Person Summer Picnic (the first time we got together since March of 2020).

Bringing us to 2022 – the year that I will peg as transformative, eye opening and goal-oriented.

Here are a few of our lessons learned and accomplishments in 2022:

  1. We started off 2022 with an all-team meeting where we delved deep into who we are as an agency, what sets us apart, what clients can expect from us, and what our competitive advantage truly is.
    • SocialEyes is a full-service digital marketing agency focusing on building custom and measurable marketing solutions to help our clients thrive and achieve their business goals, offering a boutique customer experience.

    By focusing on our customer service and the “boutique experience” that we offer, clients can expect a level of quality service, results-oriented performance and a team that is accessible, empowered, committed, attentive and accountable.  We have become our clients’ marketing partner- we are in it with each and every client, always striving for the best results and top-notch service.

    Our team lives by these expectations and it is reflected in our partnerships, retention rates and overall feedback.


  3. Service Expansion

    At one time, SocialEyes was a sole social media agency, and over the last couple of years, we have expanded our service offerings and now operate as a full-service digital marketing agency.

    We have become a one-stop shop for all things digital, from social, Google Ads, Web Development, Brand Redevelopment, to SEO, Lead Generation, Videography, Business Coaching and Consulting, and as a result, we have landed some clients that rely on us for ALL of their digital marketing endeavours, and we get to see the fruits of our labour when we get to implement an omni-channel digital marketing approach that includes social, Google, website performance, lead generation, etc., to achieve results.


  5. We expanded our client portfolio as this was the year of true infiltration into the US.

    In 2021, we had a few US clients begin their digital marketing journey with us, and 2022 took us to new heights!

    We have made some great connections and are now lucky enough to work with various clients in legal, home building, real estate and the professional services realm in various states.

    By the end of 2022, we recognized that 20% of our business is now in the US.


  7. Our team is all over the globe and the talent is endless!

    2020 changed the way businesses operate – and from being a sole in-office business with local employees just a few short years ago, we have been able to expand our talent pool by not being limited to GTA employees.

    We have team members operating in the GTA, New Brunswick, US and Israel, not to mention that our team is mastering new talents and skillsets, which makes us, as a team, much stronger, our clients happier, and our team members engaged and excited!


  9. PR and Speaking Events

    We had some great strides this year in media mentions, features, speaking engagements and more including but not limited to:

    • Marly was included in Top 100 Magazine, Top 40 Under 40
    • United Country Real Estate Annual Convention, Keynote Speakers in Destin Florida
    • Speaker at the Buzz Conference in Toronto
    • Speaker at an EXP Realty Training Session
    • Rolled out two Law Society of Ontario Accredited Courses online
    • Executed multiple webinars for realtors, lawyers and financial service providers
    • Published articles in:
      • Los Angeles Wire
      • Real Estate Magazine
      • US Reporter
      • The Lawyer’s Daily
      • New York Weekly
      • Social Media Examiner
      • Newswire Canada
      • Masthead
      • Ceo.ca
      • Yahoo Finance
      • Miami Wire
  10. ….last but not least, the launch of the SEC Academy.

    This is a big one and something that has been in the works for a while, and still is for 2023!

    As an agency that has always focused on the correlation between digital marketing and business development, consulting, coaching, and training has always been something we wanted to get more into.

    For those that are interested in mastering the art of using digital marketing for business growth, we now have solutions through the SEC Academy – courses, webinars, training sessions, customizable group coaching and more!

    In 2022, we turned this vision into a realty by formally launching the SEC Academy, which resulted in hosting multiple training sessions for clients and colleagues, rolling out ONLINE MASTER CLASSES and Webinars for those who want to learn how to master the art of digital marketing for business growth.

    We are working on MORE for the SEC Academy, so stay tuned for some exciting stuff in 2023.

Now, let’s not be confused, the year was not all rainbows and butterflies. Every business has setbacks, challenges and overwhelming times (we sure did this year as well), however, even with challenge, 2022 was a fantastic year and we are really excited for what 2023 has in store for us!

Our goals for 2023 is to:

  • Stay dynamic
  • Continue building meaningful relationships with our team and our clients
  • Focus on results-oriented marketing strategies
  • Pivot and shift objectives where and when we have to

A big thank you to everyone on our team, our amazing and loyal clients and ALL of our supporters! We are so grateful!

To a successful 2023 for us all!