The End of a Year… The End of a Decade

It’s December 31, 2019. Today’s date marks the last day of the year, but also the last day of the decade. Every year on December 31, I sit down and think about what I have accomplished over the past year, but also what I wish for and what goals I wish to achieve for the following year. It is a day to reflect, a day to plan and a day to set objectives.

What’s changed over the last decade? Holy crap – a lot! Went from living in my parent’s home to moving out and moving in with my boyfriend (now husband), travelling Europe a few times, getting married, having 2 children, leaving my 9-5 job in the legal industry and launching a business.

2019 was a great year and I am proud of the goals and accomplishments this year: 

1.) We grew our team from 4 full time staff to 7 – and I am so proud of us. We grew into a larger office space this year and we have really built a strong, talented, dedicated team and I can say with utmost confidence that we are building and growing every single day. Learning new skill sets, brainstorming together, collaborating and driving all of our careers forward, together. There is nothing quite like taking a step back and just watching our team work together and thrive together. THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU!

2.) SocialEyes went through a rebrand – 2019 marked the year of a brand refresh for SocialEyes. New colours, new fonts, a new logo, a brand new website, new printed collateral and a brand guide that we live by and adhere to. On February 19, 2019, we launched our new and improved website , we got new brochures and folders printed, new business cards, created new templates for our own social media footprint and honed our skills at brand building… we now offer Brand Guidelines as part of our service offerings because we got (really darn!) good at it especially during this process going through it for our own company! 

3.) Article Contribution Opportunities – In 2018, I set a goal that I would seek out 1 or 2 article contribution opportunities. I really enjoy writing, story-telling and felt that I finally was at a point where I had valuable information and insights to share. The following articles were written by me and published:

Lexpert Magazine – Social Media Changes Legal Profession

Women of Influence – Meet a Role Model 

JeffBullas.Com – How to Build a Business and Raise a Family as a Young Woman

Canadian Small Business Women – 2 Babies and a Business

Canadian Small Business Women – 5 Elements of a Successful Brand

Canadian Small Business Women – Optimizing Your Business in 2019

4.) Threw my very first charity event – This is a big one! Since 2011 (the year in which my sister passed away), I set a goal that I would one day throw a charity event in support of Sick Kids Hospital… 2019 was the year. This was totally and completely outside of my comfort zone…. I had never ever thrown an event and didn’t know a THING about event planning. I set it as a goal in December of 2018… and on November 20, 2019, the SociaLux Gala occurred. Sunny Kiani (my beautiful friend and talented owner of Lux Events Co.) put her best foot forward to throw this event with me and was ALL in from the moment I brought it up to her back in February. With 203 attendees, the night was magical and meaningful…. we raised $32,134 for Sick Kid’s Hospital. THANK YOU AGAIN TO ALL OF OUR INCREDIBLE SPONSORS, DONORS, VENDORS AND ALL ATTENDEES!

WOO 2019 has been fantastic!

It is now time to reflect on these accomplishments, and set objectives for 2020. I want to be able to grow even more (collectively as a team, but also personally), spend more time conducting research, developing skill sets, BUT also taking more time for myself. 2020 is going to be the year for self-reflection and self-growth. Taking more time for ME, getting more comfortable in saying “I can’t get to that right now” while simultaneously staying tenacious, determined and dedicated. 

I encourage everyone to take an hour today or tomorrow (the first day of the year) and set your goals for the next 365 days. It helps to put things into perspective!