Why you should be on LinkedIn

LinkedIn serves as a great tool for recruiting or job searching, but also serves as an effective platform for growing your business – after all, it is an online businessnetworking channel. If leveraged properly, LinkedIn allows for client engagement, brand building, raising visibility and distributing content. Let me share wtih you 5 ways to grow your business and increase your visibility through the use of LinkedIn:

1.) Have a complete LinkedIn Profile Page – It is a known fact that complete full profiles receive more page views than incomplete profiles. When prospective clients/customers come across your LinkedIn page, you get one chance (at that moment) to validate your business, credentials, reputation and expertise. Might as well make the most of it.

2.) Utilize LinkedIn endorsements from clients or prior co-workers – Clients and prospects are likely to scan endorsements when they land on your LinkedIn page. It would be a good idea to add your top 15-25 skills that you want to be endorsed for (make sure your most proficient skills appear at the very top). This can turn into a plethora of opportunities for you!

3.) 500+ connections – your network is what’s going to drive your business/career. Your connections can aid in your reputation but can also introduce you to prospects and influencers. Get connected and then maintain those connections! You never know who might be interested in your offerings.

4.) Content sharing – use the “share an update” box to distribute valuable content (tips, tricks and ideas). This could be anything from sharing an article, whitepaper, blog, etc. Engage with your network!

5.) LinkedIn Groups – Join 5-10 groups and utilize it as a group meeting spot! Engage in discussion. Comment regularly, provide content, start discussions. Stay active! Group engagement is important because you are likely interested in Groups that will drive your career and the people within those groups are likely good contacts to have.

Post, Share, Comment, Repeat!

Leverage LinkedIn to grow your business! (and if you don’t have the time, contact us and we can help you with that!)