Why Realtors Should Utilize the Power of Instagram Reels to Showcase Listings

Instagram is one of the best social platforms for realtors to use to advance their businesses, find new clients, and grow their networks. Its many visual features are perfect for showcasing listings, from posts to Stories to IGTV to Reels.

Specifically, Reels are an incredible asset for realtors to showcase their listings in an alluring, fun, and strategic way. Here’s why.

What Are Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels are short videos (up to 30 seconds) that can include clips from multiple different videos spliced into one. You can edit video clips in-app, add music and add on-screen text.

Comparable to TikTok, Instagram Reels are considered permanent content. They don’t disappear after 24 hours like Stories do, and they’re less produced and formal than IGTV.

Why Realtors Should Use Reels for Their Listings


Instagram pushes Reels to the Reels Explore page. This is a big deal because it means anyone in the world browsing their Explore Page can find your Reel. The reach you can garner through Reels is farther-reaching than other in-app video features.


Reels also allow for incredible creativity. You can add filters to your videos, interactive backgrounds, stickers and more. This is not the place for highly edited, professional videos. Realtors can be successful with Reels by letting them be more informal, less edited, and more authentic.

Easy to Share

Instagram users who see your Reel can easily share it with their friends and followers. When users watch your Reel, they can simply click the Share button and either select the name of the person they want to send the Reel to in a direct message or they can add it to their Stories.

Ways to Use Instagram Reels for Listings

Since Reels are only 30 seconds or less, their uses in realty are specific. You won’t give a full, in-depth home tour with a Reel, that would be better suited to IGTV or even Stories.

However, those 30 seconds can pack a punch and quickly give people an idea of who you are, your personality, your authenticity, and your expertise.

Here are some ideas for using Reels to promote listings:

  • Tease an upcoming listing with alluring and quick clips of the home
  • Create a neighbourhood spotlight highlighting the best features of the area
  • Talk about a unique feature of a listing, such as the architecture or amenities

You can also use Reels to grow your brand and demonstrate your expertise:

  • Create a before and after Reel showing the power of staging
  • Create a buyer or seller checklist for things they need to know
  • List your top tips for preparing for an open house
  • Share your favourite landscaping tips and ideas
  • Create a Reel poking fun at realtors and real estate humour

Interested in Learning More About Social Media Marketing for Realtors?

The uses for Reels in showcasing your listings and growing your online presence are endless. But they’re not the only amazing tool on social media you should be utilizing. Reach out to us today to learn more about building your network through social media.