When to Start Planning Your 2021 Digital Marketing Strategy

No one could have predicted how hard 2020 would be for businesses before COVID-19, you likely didn’t anticipate having to change, drop, or pivot your marketing strategies. This year showed you how resilient and adaptable your business can be. As 2021 approaches, it’s important to continue being flexible and adaptable in your marketing.

Regardless of what the future holds, having a digital marketing strategy in place prepares you to reach your goals- and roll with whatever else happens.

Reflect on Your 2020 Strategy

If you created a strategy for 2020, reflect on the goals and targets you set. Even though it’s not the end of the year yet, you can look at your data and see which goals you’re set to hit before 2021. You may have strategies that had to be completely abandoned, like in-person events, and others that needed tweaking.

Reflect on what has worked for your business during 2020. Were your social ads drumming up the traffic you anticipated? Did your website do a good job of converting visitors into leads? Do an in-depth review of your 2020 strategies and note which efforts you want to build on next year.

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The Importance of Testing

Business owners that are new to digital marketing sometimes feel like they’re throwing spaghetti against the wall to see what sticks. However, there is a more methodical and effective way to see what strategies work for you. It’s called testing.

Perhaps you tried to run Instagram ads for your law practice but saw next to no results. The spaghetti fell flat on the floor. This doesn’t mean Instagram ads won’t work for you, it means you should try testing two styles of ads at the same time and compare their performances. After the first round of testing, try altering the image or copy. Notice what factors make your ads perform well.

With a few rounds of strategy testing under your belt, you will have a better idea of how to make them more successful in the future. 

Conduct Competitor Research

What have your competitors done differently this year in their marketing? Look at their social media platforms, their website, their reviews, and any other data you can find. 2020 has been a rough year for businesses, but the ones that are coming out of it stronger than before are clearly doing something right.

Learn from your competition. See what failed for them and what marketing strategies were successful. Even if they used a strategy you’ve never tried before, like offering a freebie or starting a newsletter, be open to it. Taking a chance on a brand-new marketing tactic could propel you into 2021 ahead of the competition.

Need Help Planning Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

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