Video Marketing in 2019: What Works and What Doesn’t

Would you like to increase your landing page’s conversion rate by 80 percent? Simply add a video. It’s that easy.

Video has taken the marketing world by storm in the last couple of years. 2018 showed us that video marketing isn’t just an element of a larger marketing strategy, it’s an entire strategy in itself. There are so many ways you can use video to boost your traffic, conversions, and sales.

The key to making every video you produce successful is authenticity. Consumers today want real, raw, and genuine videos. That’s a win-win for businesses. It means you can spend less on high-quality camera equipment and editing tools, and still get an increase in followers/customers.

Not sure how to incorporate genuine video marketing into your business? Here are some proven successful ideas.

  1. Screen Recording

Don’t worry, camera-shy business owners!

Creating a video doesn’t necessarily mean you need to be in the frame. With screen recording, it’s just your voice, the mouse, and your screen. Screen recording videos are an effective form of education for your consumers.

If you sell a product that comes with a learning curve, use video to teach about it. For example, the graphics generator site, Canva, regularly produces screen recording videos to show users how to use their online tools. You can hear the creator’s voice as they explain the process and see everything they do with the mouse. If you sell digital software or online tools, screen recording videos are crucial for consumer education.

  • Live Video

Almost every social media platform has a live video feature now. You’ve likely seen it on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Why is it important for businesses to create live videos? Because consumers today care about supporting businesses they relate to and believe in. To know if they relate to your brand’s mission, they need to see the inner workings of your brand. A nice logo and faceless Instagram profile aren’t enough anymore.

Use live video to talk about the behind-the-scenes work your business does. Show the problem your business solves. Interview your employees to give your brand a personality. Talk about the social movements your business supports. Live video humanizes your business to consumers. That’s all they really want in a brand, authenticity, and transparency.

  • Promotional Videos

Are you launching a new product? Opening another location? Rebranding? These are all cause for an epic promotional video. Promotional videos are about getting the personality and mood of your brand across to the viewer. They’re about building interest and excitement. To do so, you might give a tour of the new location at each phase of the renovation. You could make daily videos that hint at what the new product is. You could reintroduce your business, and yourself, with the new branding. When you send out an email about your promotion, skip the walls of text explaining it. Simply post one minute of your promotional video with a link to where they can watch the whole thing. That’s convenient, authentic, and engaging video marketing.

Not sure how to create an epic promotional video or how to make a screen recording? Nervous about getting on camera for a live video? We can help! Contact us today for help with your video marketing strategy.