Two Babies and a Business

This piece is a special one – one that is more personal than business; one that is meant to provide some insight into the passion and dedication that goes in to business growth and also, personal development. How do women entrepreneurs make it? How do they succeed? And more importantly, how do they have children, build a family and at the same time, build a business? 

It comes down to four major components: serious time management, passion, a vision and some AWESOME team members. 

As some of you may know, I originally was a 9-5 downtown commuter. I held a role at a litigation firm which required a 6am wake-up, a 25-minute drive to the subway station, a 45-minute subway ride, a 1 hour lunch break (on most days) and a hell-of-a trek home that stretched well beyond Toronto rush hour. The corporate setting taught me A LOT about organization, detail, planning, research, development and most of all, that a corporate setting was not my calling. I always had known deep down that I was the type that needed to beat to my own drum. The vision of a hustle (you know, the kind that gets you up in the morning and keeps you awake at night?)…that was what drove me.

So there I was, one month following my wedding, an intense family situation that afforded me some alone time, and a 12am lightbulb switch. Marketing, communications and the online digital movement was an industry that not only intrigued me, but invigorated me. It was also a specialized area that I spent much time practicing, … and beyond that, I knew that every person and every business required it (call me biased, but true). 

And just like that, SocialEyes Communications was born. 

That first year of business was hustle hustle hustle…and I loved every minute of it. Sooner than later, requests came in to work with me…to help grow networks, build strategy and launch campaigns. Building a team of highly qualified and talented experts was the next phase of SocialEyes…and also Baby #1. While seeking my team, I was growing a baby and was about to embark on life as a new, first-time mom. 

January 2017, my son Noah was born. The time was not easy – work and hormones were both at an all-time high. I was fortunate enough that time management was a major strength of mine and so, nap times were dedicated to client phone calls; grandmothers babysat and client meetings took place; new clients were brought onboard and new team members too. By the end of the 3rd month of motherhood, SocialEyes was now a bursting operation serving 20+ clients and receiving excellent feedback. 

Fast forward – 4 months into motherhood and a thriving business, Baby #2 surprised us. I was now not going to just be a mom of 1…but I was building a business with Baby #2 joining us in February, 2018 – just 13 months after Noah. 

How are we meant to do this mom thing, and also grow a successful business?

I cannot stress how much time management plays a vital role. They say “there’s not enough hours in the day…”… I would argue that there is. There just needs to be a method to the madness. Time blocking is beyond beneficial; the ultimate vision serves as an incentive to keep on pushing; the passion for what you are doing is key; and team members who share the same vision is the icing on the cake. These 4 components are crucial to growth, success and achievement. 

I am beyond proud to say that we have a roster of incredible clients including both national and international brands, a hard-working and dedicated team of experts AND between us all, 9 children under the age of 8. 

Motherhood and mom-preneurs have a few things in common – patience, fortitude, tenacity and perseverance.