Top 5 Social Media Trends of 2018

A lot has changed over the last year when it comes to social media and online marketing. While some trends were short lived fads, others took the online global community by storm and are still going strong into the New Year. Keeping up with these changes is key to making a strong impression with online consumers in 2019. 

Here’s a quick look at the five biggest social media trends to catch on in 2018. 

Videos Reign Supreme

If current trends hold, in a few short years most internet users will consume the vast majority of their internet content in video form. According to networking giant Cisco, by 2022 as much as 82% of internet traffic around the world will be ascribed to video content-related traffic. Seventeen percent of internet traffic will be attributed to live video content. Advertisers and businesses can hop on this trend by investing more resources into creating more video content and incorporating it into their marketing campaigns. 

Paid Ads

Paying for ad space on social media sites is a fundamental part of online marketing at this point. Reaching target audiences through social media offers a lot of positives including making a direct connection with users in a way that is most convenient to them. 

A quick scroll through your feed on Facebook or even Reddit will reveal plenty of ads structured like regular posts. Social media sites make it dead simple for advertisers to lock in one of these coveted spots by giving businesses access to ad creation tools and features like “boosting” right in their dashboards.

Instagram Stories

Instagram’s Stories and similar short video clip features on other social platforms are now fully integrated into our social media habits. Stories have a few benefits going for them, but the biggest one is their short length. Viewers can consume content in just a matter of seconds. 

To take full advantage of Stories, businesses must offer valuable content. Clips that share tips, recipes, hacks, facts and otherwise meaningful content will gain more views. High-quality visuals and graphics are also a must for widespread success. 

Filters and Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) has been around since the mid-‘90s, it but hasn’t gained true mainstream popularity until recently. With the huge success of Pokémon GO, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, and filters and stickers, we have entered a new era of AR enhancements. There are many levels to AR technology to play around with even though the current market is revolves around mobile devices. The attraction of AR is ultimately rooted in giving users the power to add something new to their current reality. Some businesses can go the L’Oréal route by creating AR apps that allow shoppers to test out their products, while others will find more success with creating AR game and activity apps.

Influencer Partnerships

As the fastest growing marketing trend, influencer partnerships have become a huge boon for small and mid-tier businesses. Influencers are typically entertainers and content creators who have the attention of a loyal following. A successful partnership with an influencer requires a natural fit between a business and its product with the influencer’s niche. In order track well with audiences, the brand or product on offer must offer real, practical value. 

Will these hot social media trends carry forward into 2019? Only time will tell. Stay tuned to this space learn more about social media trends and marketing your business online!