Top 4 New Social Media Tools for Handling Your Online Presence

In 2018, there are a plethora of social media tools to choose from. While Buffer and Hootsuite remain the most popular management applications for social media among businesses, there are some newer tools out there that deserve your attention. 


Are you a visual person? If you are, Planable might be the right fit for you. The user interface is big on graphics, icons and symbols. Its clean, contemporary layout forgoes the need for too much text. Planable is an intuitive scheduling tool that works best for users who prefer to focus on the big picture and how all the elements of a social media campaign fit together. 

What We Love

  • Drag and drop media feature.
  • Having comments and feedback displayed right next to posts to improve workflow.
  • Integration with post enhancers like emojis, Gifs, hashtags and more. 
  • Built-in review feature that allows collaborators to approve posts right from their dashboards.

What Could Be Better

  • Monitoring and tracking tools to allow users to collect more data on engagement. 


Meet Edgar, the tiny octopus who’s on a mission to take the work out of social media management. Edgar’s biggest draw is the queue system that recycles your existing content for reposting. Save yourself some time and get the most out of the content you already have. 

What We Love

  • Content library that stores an archive of your evergreen content. 
  • Category tags enable users to organized posting calendars by content type. 
  • Automated curation of reposts to maximize conversions.
  • Hands-off approach to social media that saves time and energy.

What Could Be Better

  • Integration with social media platforms is limited to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. According to the website, Instagram and Pinterest compatibility will be added soon.


This application is the perfect fit for users who are interested in maintaining a high level of posting consistency without relying on original content exclusively. Sharing and curating content from within your niche or the influencers you want to engage with is made easy with DrumUp. 

What We Love

  • Enables users to curate and share interesting, relevant and useful content directly with audiences.
  • Advanced searching tools that help users discover new content that is niche-relevant. 
  • Chrome browser extension for scheduling posts.

What Could Be Better

  • The UI is simple and minimalist, but isn’t the most intuitive. The dashboard layout would benefit from a design update to reduce confusion.


At first glance, Sendible looks a lot like an inbox system for social media. Hidden behind the familiar layout is a powerful social media management tool that has everything you could possibly need to run a successful social media campaign. Tech-savvy business owners with a strong understanding of web marketing have much to gain with this tool.  

What We Love

  • Extensive monitoring and tracking features produces a comprehensive picture of social media campaigns ensuring a higher degree of success. 
  • A massive range of features that make this application a true all-in-one tool for social media marketing.
  • Collaboration features to ensure all team members have a say before publication. 
  • Create comprehensive social media reports with the click of a button. 

What Could Be Better

  • Sendible offers a lot in terms data collection, but to unlock those features it’ll cost you a few hundred dollars. Smaller businesses make not find this platform budget-friendly.

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