Top 3 Apps We Found and Love

It has never been so easy to create and post amazing content. You don’t have to be a graphic designer or a social media manager. Run your social media account like a professional with a few simple but effective apps. Here are three we found recently that we absolutely love! Whether you need help posting consistently or creating images that land, these apps can help.


Any social media strategist will tell you there’s an optimal time to post your Instagram stories. For some industries, that’s before and after the workday. For others, it’s on weekends or during lunch breaks. What do you do if the best time to post for your followers isn’t the best time for you? That’s where Apphi comes in. This sleek and easy to use app does something other scheduling apps don’t: it lets you schedule posts and stories. Running multiple Insta accounts? No problem; Apphi lets you decide when your stories will go live foreach account, in one sitting. And, you can do it all from the desktop version or the mobile app. Apphi takes the stress of posting stories in real time away so you can focus on engaging with your followers.  


Have you ever wondered how some Instagram accounts get such beautiful images? They must spend hours making graphics, right? Wrong. Most big accounts use graphic design apps like Mojo. With Mojo, you get access to 40 different templates that you can customize and edit to your liking. Choose from 50 different fonts, tons of colours, and share your creation to any platform. The coolest feature on Mojo? You can animate the images or add animated text to your Instagram stories. Make the text or images gradually appear or show up with a bang. Animation makes your stories stand out from the competition and engages your viewers.   

Spark Post

From the creators of Photoshop comes an app that allows you to edit your images and create graphics from your smartphone. No prior knowledge of Photoshop is needed, just download Spark Post and start creating. Spark Post gives you professionally designed templates, filters, and text effects. You can even source free photos within the app to use in your content. Looking to create branded content for your business account? Spark Post allows you to create branded graphics and add them to any post you create. Everything from the colours to the font to the animation is on-brand. Spark Post is used for social posts, YouTube thumbnails, posters, blog headers, memes, and more.

With fantastic apps like these available for download, there’s nothing stopping you from producing flawless content. Create, schedule, and share your customized content from your smartphone. If you’re interested in learning how to take your social media strategies to the next level, contact us today!