The Top 5 B2B Digital Marketing Practices

The best B2B practices used to be as simple as cold calling or emailing, but times have-a-changed. In today’s market, you must prove your worth to your target audience before they will engage. Here are the top 5 B2B digital marketing practices that you should be using to entice your audience.


1) Educational Content
Add value to your services by producing content that has value for your target audience.

Look at all of the successful thought leaders and entrepreneurs of today. They frequently publish guides, tips and articles that offer to teach the reader something valuable about their industries. Your audience will be drawn to the quality of the content you offer and the way it is structured. Offer something meaningful, in a digestible package.


2) Adding Contact Info to Company Pages
Including contact information on your website and social accounts is an absolute MUST. Create a “Contact Us” page where people can find your email address, links to your social profiles and your physical address if you have headquarters. A company page without contact details is an opportunity squandered. How else are people going to reach out and connect with you?


3) Mobile Friendly Website
Since 2015, the number of people using their mobile devices to browse the web has exceeded those who strictly use desktops. The mobile interface is drastically smaller than a desktop’s. If your website is only compatible with desktop users, you will be alienating mobile users who will, no doubt, abandon your site after mere seconds of struggling with the tiny features. Having a mobile version of your site ensures visitors can navigate with ease no matter what they are browsing with.


4) The Effectiveness of Calls to Action
Calls to Action (CTAs) are what transform the users who click off your page into those who engage with your products. CTAs are vital to conversion and generating business. The pillars of an effective CTA are visual design, placement or position on your website, and creative copy that persuades visitors to follow through. Above all, visitors should be able to find them quickly and know exactly what they are when they see them.


5) Demonstrate Your Expertise
Are you a leader in your industry? Do you have the experience and know-how that ensures you can offer your audience something your competitors can’t? Then show it off!

Those who visit your website should feel that they have tangible evidence that you are an expert in your field. Featuring testimonials and glowing reviews from happy clients, are great ways to demonstrate your successes. Reserve a page for your portfolio where visitors can browse your best work.


Do you need help creating a strong B2B content strategy for your business? Contact us! We can help you employ these top strategies.