The Great Rule of Thumb: Repurpose x5

The next time you knock out a killer blog post, don’t just let it gather dust. Repurpose those great ideas into new content to reach fresh eyes. As a general rule thumb, you should aim to repurpose your content 4-5 times to maximize its impact and really reap the benefits.

Content Is Key

Creating niche, original content is the way you add value to your brand. Your target audience gets to know you through what you create. This is what sets you apart from the pack. Sharing your ideas and knowledge through mediums like videos or blog posts can help you grow your reputation as the go-to expert in your industry.

The best content is enriching and offers value to consumers. Once people have finished consuming your creations, they should come away feeling like they have gained something.

When inspiration strikes and you are able to craft a piece of content that shares something you know your target audience will love, get those amazing ideas in front of as many eyes as possible.

Why You Should Repurpose Content

Not everyone is going to see that amazing video, blog or what have you, the first time you post it. Even if you get the most traction you have ever gotten on a release, your reach is still limited by your medium. Not everyone reads blogs or e-books. Some people prefer podcasts or short video clips. Others still might be more likely to come across your content through infographics posted to photo-sharing sites like Pinterest.

Today, people get their information from a wide variety of sources and you can (and should) take advantage of that.

Tips for Repurposing Content

The idea here is to take something old, and turn it into something new. So, how do we achieve that? We change the medium! Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Share your content across all social media platforms, but don’t just copy and paste links. Make sure you are creating graphics and text that’s tailored to each platform so that your link shares look professional and engaging. HINT: Check out our Quick Sheet for Social Media Image Sizing to make sure your graphics meet the requirements.
  • Compile blog posts on related topics into a downloadable guide or an e-book. If you are a blogger, you have probably written more than a few blog posts exploring different areas of the same topic. Turn those posts into one convenient package, add an introduction and a conclusion, and suddenly you have repurposed content that you can market as an e-book.
  • Start a podcast. Podcasts are the “it” thing right now, so don’t be afraid to harness the power of this trend. A podcast episode can be as simple as spending a half hour talking casually about the topic or a more scripted affair that’s structured more like a seminar.
  • Create short video clips or a video tutorial series. If you simply want to drive more traffic to your website or other content you have produced, create summary videos that briefly touch on the main points and then redirect your audience to your original content. Alternatively, you could also make a series of short video tutorials that cover the same content but in video form.
  • Publish in major media outlets or magazines related to your industry. Is there a magazine or website that everyone in your industry keeps up with? Reach out to them. Getting published in a reputable information source will heighten your visibility and boost your reputation.
  • Expand on your ideas in additional posts. If one blog post or podcast wasn’t enough to get all of your ideas on a certain topic out in the open, or if you simply have something new to share on a topic that you have covered before, revisit and expand!


Create new content expanding on those old posts and don’t forget to link back to your original posts! If you have enough content, you can even turn it into a regular series like a monthly newsletter or vlog!

Need a hand with repurposing content? We’re happy to help! Our team of experts can help you transform your ideas into videos, graphics, blog posts, social media posts and more.

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