The Future of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

Whether you’ve heard about Artificial Intelligence or not, this is a hot topic in the digital marketing space and for good reason. This technology has the power to take everything we know about digital marketing to the next level, and you do not want to miss out on what it can do for your business.

Keep reading to learn what AI is and how it will change the future of your digital marketing.

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Simply put, Artificial Intelligence is the use of science and technology to solve problems. Through the use of algorithms, machine learning, and deep learning, AI creates systems to predict and solve problems humans regularly encounter when using technology.

Some examples of AI that are already in use are:

  • The facial recognition feature on your smart phone that allows you to log in to your phone by letting the phone’s camera scan your face.
  • The autocorrect function when you are typing documents and emails.
  • The chatbots used on business websites that provide answers to commonly asked questions.

In digital marketing, AI has already made an impact on how we market and how customers engage with brands online.

How is AI Used in Digital Marketing?

You may have heard of the recently launched ChatGPT tool and how transformational this tool and others like it will be in every industry. In digital marketing specifically, AI will have endless applications. Here are some of the most exciting uses of AI to look forward to.

  1. Social Media Content Creation

Manually creating your social media posts and captions takes way more time than any business owner expects. For such short pieces of copy, your social posts have immense power over the growth of your client base and client acquisition.

Luckily, thanks to AI, these tools will create effective social media captions that not only nail your brand voice, but also drive results.

AI tools for social content creation will automatically assess the analytics of a social profile and the efficacy of its posts. From there, it will generate new posts based on what has worked best in the past. It can also automatically detect when a post will violate community guidelines to avoid the content being reported.

  1. Email Marketing Content Creation

Do you have an email marketing campaign? Does it work?

AI tools will create highly personalized and unique emails making up a funnel to your offer. Not only will it create impactful email subject lines based on data from existing email marketing campaigns, but it will also craft the body of the email to be personal to the receiver.

These tools will automatically schedule your emails for the most optimal time, clean up your email contacts list, and even create copy for email templates that are sent to mass portions of your list.

  1. Improved Digital Ads

The digital advertising space is highly competitive and strategic. Unless you are a professional digital ad manager, you likely don’t have the time to create effective ads, track their data, monitor their success, A/B test your ads, or pivot your ad strategy.

Artificial intelligence is an amazing aid to those tasks.

These tools will do all the market research on customer behavior and interaction with digital ads for you. It will create headlines and copy based on that research, all while using your specific brand tone and voice.

Are You Interested in Bringing Your Digital Marketing Into the Future?

We are constantly on the pulse of innovations and changes in the digital marketing agency, especially when it comes to AI. If you need help marketing your business with the newest and most effective strategies, contact us today.