The E-commerce and Social Media Boom: Why You Should Get on Board

E-commerce and social media are fundamental pillars of consumerism. They are the bridge brands need to build to reach their customers. Success or even survival with just a physical storefront is next to impossible in today’s world.

The lines between the “virtual” world and the “real” world have blurred completely. In the simplest of terms, the vast majority of consumers have the expectation that all brands have social media accounts and an online store.

For any skeptics out there, here are a few cold hard facts:

  • A survey of U.S. consumers determined that over 90% of people between the ages of 18-44 who use social media follow brands on social media.
  • Around the world, the number of online transactions the average consumer makes per year is well into the double digits. In North America alone, consumers are likely to make around 20 online transactions in a year. These numbers are steadily growing as brands embrace the power of ecommerce.
  • The top three reasons for shopping online? Convenience, the ability to compare prices easily, and access to sales and other ways to save money like coupon codes or time limited deals.
  • Brands big and small are now enlisting internet stars and social media users with large follower counts to be brand ambassadors.

When comparing the benefits and drawbacks of online shopping versus shopping in-store, online always comes out on top.


Why E-commerce and Social Media are on the Rise?

The simple answer is: consumers are offered more freedom in an e-commerce setting. They feel less pressure to make a decision and more in control of their purchases.

The Top 3 Reasons Shoppers Buy Online:

  • Using the internet means that they have instant access to expert and customer reviews of the products they want.
  • Deal hunting and pricing comparisons between multiple brands and retailers.
  • To top it all off, they can do all of their shopping whenever they want, wherever they want!

If you were waiting for a sign that you should set up an online shop, this is it! Get online yesterday, and don’t forget to start social media accounts for your brand.

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