Ring in 2016 with a new and improved digital marketing strategy

The New Year provides new beginnings and an excuse to implement new and improved practices in your life. This means both professionally and personally. While most New Year resolutions include some form of healthy eating, regular exercise and a vow to focus on the important things in life, your business sense may want to include a new and improved social media strategy. Staying ahead of the game is important in the world of marketing. Make sure that you are ready for the challenges, triumphs and trends.

Below, we focus on our top 4 strategic suggestions for your online marketing initiatives:

1.) Content
Content development remains a top priority for any company, industry or practice. Content provides valuable information to current and prospective consumers and is done so to build trust, develop your brand and validate your expertise. Content is not a new trend, however, the Content Marketing Institute released a survey which illustrates that 86% of B2B organizations have a strategic content marketing strategy in place for 2016. This should provide incentive to any business or professional that is currently lacking in the content marketing department.

Develop those engaging blogs, insightful articles and educational whitepapers! Consider other forms of content such as video blogs, podcasts, e-books, etc. Not only does content marketing aid in brand validation, but it also helps boost Search Engine Optimization organically.

2.) Go Mobile
Mobile integration for your website is not longer an “added benefit”…. it is a must. Optimizing your website for mobile devices is now a necessity. If you are lacking a digital presence on a mobile device, your overall marketing initiatives will never max out at their full potential. Go to a mall, movie theatre, restaurant…any public place. Look around. You will see the majority of people with their eyes glued to their phones. Millennials for example, are barely seen without their mobile
devices. More and more shoppers are turning to their phones to research a product or service, compare, search for locations, and not surprisingly, purchase a product or service.

3.) Social media strategy
This should not come as a surprise. Social media is absolutely necessary for business growth, brand development and reputation building. In fact, it is hard to find a brand that does not have an online social presence. Become top of mind, engage with your current and prospective clients and consumers and become to goto in your field. Social media is not just used to increase profile and validate expertise, it is an outstanding customer service tool. Check out what other people are saying about your brand, allow customers to report issues via social media and response to questions and queries. Get personal. Be careful not to blur the lines between self-promotion and being insightful.

4.) Website development
Along with your social media presence, your website is the voice of your company and your chance at a Archive first impression. Both the design of your website, as well as the content, will contribute to the perception of your brand.

It is always helpful to spend some time looking at your competitor’s sites to make sure that you are not falling behind or that they are offering something that you are not. There are tools like WordPress and online stores like Shopify that allow for web creation without knowledge of coding. There are also companies that offer affordable web development.

Don’t fall behind the times! Start the year off strong! Contact us today for a free social media audit.