Recent Algorithm Changes: Facebook and Instagram

In 2018, some of your favourite social media platforms have given their algorithms a much needed update. Facebook and Instagram have rolled out their changes with the hopes of improving user experience by focusing on what their users are actually interested in. 

Facebook Algorithm Changes

The updates to Facebook’s algorithm are placing a higher importance on what the company calls “meaningful interactions.” Users will be presented with more high quality content that focuses on posts from accounts with which users most frequently interact. The ultimate goal is to reduce spamming and increase the prevalence of content from family and friends. 

What Brands Need to Know

  • Posts that rely on engagement-baiting will see a decrease in views. 
  • Comments, shares and reactions will boost visibility for posts, while clicks, hovering and views will not register as active interactions in Facebook’s algorithm. 
  • Brands should be posting content that aims to make a genuine connection with audiences as opposed to begging for “likes.” 
  • Facebook Live videos have been shown to create meaningful interactions among users, so brands will be rewarded for posts with more live video content where viewers can connect with each other through commenting and posting reactions. 
  • Create Facebook Groups to tap into your niche and provide your followers a space to share and discuss the topics that are important to them. 

Instagram Algorithm Changes

According to Instagram, the new algorithm features a few key traits: 

  1. Interest – Instagram will take your past behaviour into consideration and show you more of the type of content you have “liked” in the past. 
  2. Timeliness – More recent pictures will appear higher in your feed. 
  3. Relationship – If you frequently comment on posts by certain accounts or if you’re frequently tagged in posts by specific accounts, Instagram will include more posts from these accounts on your feed. 
  4. Frequency – The more you open Instagram throughout the day, the higher the chance that the algorithm will show you posts in a more chronological order. Less frequent users are more likely to see posts that Instagram believes these users will “like.”
  5. Usage – Those who spend less time on Instagram will only see highlights from the day on their feeds. Heavy Instagram users will experience a feed filled with more fresh content.
  6. Following – Instagram will show you posts from a selection of accounts if you are following a large number of people, which means if you want to reduce the dilution of posts you will either have to mute some accounts or unfollow them. The posts in your feed will be curated by the app.

What Brands Need to Know

  • Changing a personal account to a business account will not get your account more views. 
  • Videos will no longer be prioritized. 
  • Using Instagram Live or posting more Instagram Stories will no longer result in more views. 
  • Posting too often will not hurt your ranking in feeds. 
  • Shadow banning is not part of the algorithm, so your posts will not be hidden for using too many hashtags. 

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