Posting Frequency Affects Your Social Media Presence

Have you noticed how time seems to move more quickly than it did before the internet and smart devices took over? Your brain is not playing tricks on you—well, actually it is, but you are not alone.

Society is moving at a much faster pace than it ever has before. What was news today is forgotten tomorrow. Businesses must account for the short memory spans of the general consumer in their social media marketing strategies to achieve success.

Quality Over Quantity? Not Anymore!

Staying relevant to your followers requires a two part strategy. Fresh, creative and memorable content is a must; and to stay top of mind, posting consistently and frequency is just as important.

Of course, with all good things, it is also important not to overdo it and resort to spamming your followers with subpar content. The ultimate goal is to post quality content at regular intervals with shares and retweets mixed in.

Posting Frequency Quick Guide

The above chart contains the optimal number of posts per day for a selection of the most popular social media platforms. These values reflect the findings from several recent studies on social media engagement. While following this guide is a great starting point, you may need to make adjustments based on how your target audience responds.

Top Tips for Businesses

  • Use a content managing app like Hootsuite to plan out and schedule your posts ahead of time.
  • Space out your posts to ensure you have fresh content up during multiple points in the day.
  • Share relevant content like trending news stories and resources with your followers to encourage engagement.
  • On platforms like Twitter and Facebook, retweeting and post sharing will help foster connections within your industry.
  • Experiment with posting on different days and times of day.

The bottom line is, how often you post is just as important as what you post and when you post it. While you should avoid bombarding your followers with too many posts in a short amount of time, you do want to maintain consistency in your posting habits. Publish your posts at regular intervals on all social media platforms to keep your whole audience invested in your brand.

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