Planning Your 2019 Digital Marketing Strategy for Growth

Tailoring your digital marketing strategy in 2019 for growth comes down to using the latest techniques to expand your reach and keeping your current client base happy. Here are five foolproof ways you can use digital marketing to grow your business this year.

  1. New Mediums for Posting Content– Omnichannel marketing continues to be a winning strategy for diversifying your marketing streams and ensuring that your followers feel heard. In 2019, redouble your efforts and find new mediums for posting content. Whether it’s joining a new social media platform or expanding your content creation methods to include eBooks, podcasts and live videos, there is much to be gained from exploring new ways to create and post content. 
  2. Customer Reviews and Feedback– From Facebook to Google, customer reviews and feedback posted for public view should be constantly monitored in 2019. Since Google’s latest design updates has integrated Google reviews as part of profile cards for businesses, every Google review you’ve ever received is now the first thing seen by anyone who types in your business’ name in the search bar. 
  3. Redesign Your Website for Growth– Conduct an audit of your website. Determine which pages are under performing and seek solutions. Review your transaction pages, call to actions and any other areas where customers are browsing, and upgrade your design to improve usability. A customer-friendly website is your ticket for growth. 
  4. User Generated Content– Last year user-generated content showed itself to be an invaluable resource for new content. Harness the power and creativity of your audience by having your best, most loyal customers create content for you. User-generated content as an advertising tool boasts two big benefits: it’s free, and it’s as powerful and persuasive as word of mouth advertising. 
  5. Consistent Niche Content Creation– There are so many ways audiences can consume content. From YouTube to paid streaming services like Netflix to podcasts to live streaming platforms like Twitch, there are a huge variety of ways customers can tune in your content. It’s impossible to create high-quality content for all of these channels, which is why you need to provide your customers with a consistent source of good content. Maybe it’s a weekly YouTube video, or a live stream Q and A on Twitch, or even just a biweekly podcast – it doesn’t have to be complicated. Dedicating some time, money and energy to creating consistent content loyal followers can consume at regular time intervals. 

Make 2019 a year for growth with these winning strategies! If you need help incorporating these ideas or coming up with new ways to expand your business, contact us today!