Photo Editing Tools for Instagram

I know what you’re thinking. Doesn’t Instagram already have built-in photo editing tools? Yes. Absolutely. But if you want take your Instagram game to the next level and do like the pros do, consider expanding your photo editing ambitions just a little bit. 

The following list includes the top editing apps used by social media managers and Instagram stars alike to craft eye-catching, flawless images for their feeds.

  1. Darkroom – This app is as close as you can get to having a Photoshop-level editing program on your smartphone. Darkroom gives users complete control over every aspect of the photo editing process. With this app you have best the chance of creating images that are totally unique to your vision and style. In terms of ease of use, Darkroom is a middle of the pack kind of app. There are plenty of features to keep more savvy users happy, while still offering enough preset filters to help less tech-savvy users produce equally stunning images. Photographers will love this app. 
  1. PicTapGo – As the name implies, PicTapGo is ideal for users on the go. This app is a great fit for people who are pressed for time but still want the option of cropping, filters, lens effects like soft focus, and so on. There 70 filters that come built-in, but if that’s not enough to satisfy, you can opt to purchase an expansion pack. Stand-out features include the ability to control the strength of applied filters and stack filters on top of each other. 
  1. Snapseed – New to photo editing but willing to learn? Snapseed is the app for you. The pop-up tips and guides included in the app give users just the right amount of hand-holding to achieve photo editing mastery. There is a little bit of a learning curve with this tool, but once you get the hang of it, there is plenty of fun to be had with features like filters, perspective, glamour glow, tuning, brushing and more (29 in total). It even allows RAW file editing and exporting to JPEG when you’re ready to post. 
  1. VSCO – If you want poppin’ pics without having to buckle down with learning the specifics of photo editing, VSCO is the tool for you. It is well-regarded among many social media gurus as user-friendly but high-quality. VSCO gives users a massive range of preset filters that do all of the work for you. This app is a great choice if you want your images to have a film-like quality. VSCO also has mobile video editing capabilities. Editing newbies are encouraged to give this tool a go.

Photo editing does not have to be scary or intimidating when you have apps like these at your disposal. Use these tools to your tailor your Instagram feed to reflect your personality and stand out from the crowd. Let your creativity run wild. 

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