Our Review of Sprout Social (A Social Media Management System)

Sprout Social is a social media management software that helps businesses of all sizes manage their social media presence. Tools like Sprout Social are essential for anyone looking to get organized and make the most of social media. Here’s a quick look at its top features: 

Scheduling and Publishing

By connecting your social media accounts to Sprout Social, you can create and post content from one place. Plan and make your content ahead of time and schedule it to publish across all of your social media platforms exactly when you want. Not only will this feature save you time, it can also give you the breathing room you need to perfect your content before it goes live.  

Stay Organized and Collaborate

There are a lot of balls to juggle when managing your brand’s social media accounts. To help you stay organized, Sprout Social has features like a media library where you can upload and tag media in preparation for publishing, image editing, workflow management tools to streamline collaboration between your employees, and bulk scheduling of up to 350 messages at a time. 

Managing in Engagement

There are built-in tools available to help users communicate with customers and followers. Create customer surveys, manage help requests, integrate with helpdesk tools, moderate comments, save premade replies, and collaborate and delegate with team members all from one dashboard. 

Analyze and Track Your Progress

How will you know if all that hard work you’re putting to your social media content is paying off, if you aren’t tracking its performance? 

With Sprout Social you get in-depth reports that cover valuable information like how many people are engaging with your posts and at what time of day your post perform the best. Gleam important information about your key demographics and optimal posting times for your content. With the Keyword and Competitor reports you can gauge how the market in general is performing in your niche and uncover new avenues to pursue in your social media strategy. 

To manage and enhance your brand’s social media presence, software like Sprout Social is essential. Social media is vital to surviving as a business. To learn more about managing your social media presence, check out the other posts on our blog, or contact us for an expert opinion!