No Rest for the Weekend

Social media browsing usually happens during times of boredom, relaxation or more predominantly out of habit (when you have the time, of course). It is unlikely that you will be browsing your social media platforms while you are busy at work. Online social media usage is therefore at its peak when business activity is low.

Business hours are typically Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm resulting in the standard 40-hour work week. More recently, casual Fridays or summer hours have paved the way to a more casual, relaxing Friday, resulting in 4 productive work days. The internet on the other hand never sleeps – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Whether or not you are “working”, the internet is alive and well and therefore there are no “standard” hours for social media use. At any time, prospects are researching your website, getting familiar with your service offerings, buying product from you or sending emails. Your business is up and running, even while you sleep.

Though business operates during those standard work-week hours, there seems to be a significant disconnect between how businesses utilize social media and how clients/consumers do. Most businesses are utilizing social media during the work-week and during “work hours”. Therefore, as the work week progresses, business are engaging on social media. Then, once the weekend commences, clients/consumers engage more and more on social media while businesses break for the weekend. That leads us to the golden question – how can a business make good use of social media while their prospects are not present?

It is a good idea to assign a social media manager to distribute relevant content over the weekend and track engagement, monitor accounts and reply to comments/questions as they come in. Customer service is one very important aspect of social media. Clients and consumers expect responses to their questions. They want answers, and more importantly, they want answers immediately. Responding in a timely manner becomes indication of an interest in good relationship building enabling real and true engagement.

If you are interested in assigning a social media manager for weekend monitoring and engagement, contact us, and we are happy to help!