New Instagram Features Coming Your Way

When Instagram was created, the coolest features were the filters and frames. You could post “instant” memories to your feed for your friends to see. Today, the platform is increasingly used for business and influence. Hence, the hidden likes test and development of business accounts. If you thought the hidden likes test on Instagram was big, just wait. There are even more interesting tests and developments coming down the pipeline. These two new changes target today’s users: businesses and influencers. 

  1. Like Separation by Time 

The more you know about your audience, the more you can optimize your profile for them. That’s why Instagram Insights tells you when your audience is most active on the app. You can see which days have the highest reach and the age range of your followers. This new change will only improve your ability to learn about your users.

When you want to see how many likes your post has, you click the bolded text beside“Liked by.” With this upcoming feature, you’ll be able to see which likes have come in most recently. Instead of one giant tally of every user that likes your post, you can see who liked it and when. They’ll be separated by “New” and“Earlier” sections. This is immensely beneficial for businesses that want to engage with accounts that engage with them. It can teach you the types of posts certain followers interact with and when. Albeit a small change, it could be huge for social media strategy.Unfollow Counts

   2. Unfollow Counts 

Instagram provided the platform for a career that has never existed in history: the influencer.High-profile users, like influencers and celebrities, are eligible for Creator Accounts. These accounts come with specific insights that dive deeper than the insights for Business Accounts. One of the new metrics slowly being rolled out are unfollower counts. Until now, you could only see how many followers you gained in a period. By doing some basic math, you could see how many you lost. Now, the Insights Page has a section for your unfollower count based on days, weeks, and months.

This change is super helpful for influencers and their social strategies. In a world where follower counts equal pay checks, understanding when and why you lose followers is crucial. We already know the “follow-unfollow” strategy that affects follower counts. What about the reasons non-business users have for unfollowing? If you can learn more about that, you can potentially grow your follower count exponentially.

Instagram’s updates and changes are exciting and intriguing. They can also be intimidating to those who rely on Instagram for their business’ marketing. If you’re interested in upgrading your Instagram strategy to keep up with the changes, contact us today!