Navigating Your Business in Uncertain Times

Businesses everywhere have been impacted by the coronavirus and many owners are anxious about taking next steps. If you’re in this situation, you’re not alone. And, there are plenty of things you can do to stay busy and keep moving your business forward. 

Communication is Key

With so many people practicing social distancing, face-to-face communication is uncommon. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t maintain regular communication with customers, clients, employees, and your community.

You just need to find new ways to communicate. For your customers, consider sending out email newsletters or getting more active on social media. For your team, join a real-time communication platform, like Slack, to support each other.

We may be physically distancing ourselves from our communities, but online communication has never been easier.

Get Your Team on the Same Page

If you’ve sent everyone home to work remotely, you’ve taken a noble first step. Managing your team remotely is the next challenge.

Platforms like Slack and Asana are great for keeping everyone on the same page. Slack allows for real-time conversations between the whole group or select individuals.

Make your expectations for your team clear from the start. If you want everyone to be available on Slack from 9 to 5, say so. Ask your team for their input on how to ensure everyone is productive and focused. Remember, for many people, this is their first time working from home. It may take some time to adjust to working in a new environment.

Adapt to Appropriate Technology

If you sell tangible products but had to close your storefront’s doors, you can still keep your virtual doors open. This is an amazing excuse to explore e-commerce channels and get your business online.

Where would your products sell best online? Through Facebook, Instagram, or Shopify? Can you offer fast delivery or curbside pickup?

If your business is service based, how can you provide your services without physical contact? Zoom and Skype are great tools for online consultations and meetings with clients.

Strengthen Your Online Presence

As mentioned above, communication with your community is super important right now. Be a strong and supportive source for your customers and followers. Now is the perfect time to double down on your online strategies.

Start by brainstorming new content ideas. Putting out fresh and relevant content is crucial to your online presence. Keep it authentic, on-brand, and timely. Some examples are:

  • Resources for the elderly community
  • If you’re working from home, show how you’re using your time
  • Shoutout different #HealthcareHeroes in your community
  • Cooking recipes, music playlists, cute pets

Another idea is to start a virtual book club. Look for ways to unite your online community and spur engagement.

Make sure you’re optimizing your engagement online. That means responding to all comments and encouraging positive conversations. Perhaps you can post polls or questions in your Instagram Storied to get new discussions started. This is an amazing opportunity to learn more about your audience and new ways to provide value.

Remember, This Too Shall Pass

The uncertainty is affecting everyone right now, not in the least small and medium-sized businesses. Remember that we’re all in this together. Remind your team, customers, and community that they’re not alone. This too shall pass.

How are you preparing your business for when it passes? If you need help getting your business online and creating a strong online presence, we can help. Give us a call at 416-938-1240 or send us a message today.