Navigating Your Business Back to Work & Utilizing the Power of Social Media

Summer is coming to a close and businesses are beginning to test the waters as they re-open their doors. For many, being closed or partially closed for the past several months has tested their planning, strategy, and resiliency. It has been a challenging time for all, and the future is still uncertain.

One thing that isn’t uncertain is the use of social media by consumers and businesses. Regardless of your marketing budget, you can effectively utilize social media for promotion, brand awareness, and increasing sales. 

As you plan your business’s next move, consider these tips for best utilizing the power of social media to optimize your business.

1. Share Information

Customers are concerned about visiting businesses that aren’t following safety protocols. You can ease their nerves by sharing how your business will be keeping employees and customers safe during this time. Make a series of posts about how your working environment is changing, the safety measures you are putting in place, and how your employees will be participating in those measures.

If your industry has unique challenges during this phase of reopening, talk about them. Share how you plan on tackling these challenges. Being transparent and forthcoming about health and safety information will re-establish your customers’ trust in you.

2. Utilize Video

Video content outperforms text-based content on social media platforms. In fact, 72 per cent of consumers would rather learn about a brand, product, or service, through video than read about it. With that in mind, now is the time to leverage your video content on social media.

In your video content (Instagram Stories, IG Live, Facebook Live, etc.), get real and raw with your audience. Share the struggles your business has faced these past few months and the ways you have overcome them. Show your brand’s personality in these videos; don’t worry about being super polished or professional. On social media, it’s all about being as authentic as possible so your audience can trust and relate to you.

3. Be Consistent in Your Communication

To effectively utilize social media in your business’s marketing, you must be consistent. Social media has the power to expand your reach to hundreds and thousands of new customers. But, it’s rare for these people to buy your offering after seeing just one of your posts.

You need to cultivate an online presence that showcases your brand, what it does, who it helps, and the proof that it works. Through consistently posting content that shows each of these things, you will reach more customers.

4. Make the Transition

While transitioning or pivoting your business can be scary, there’s no way around it if you want to survive. Every industry has had to pivot in some way. Lawyers have offered virtual services; realtors have conducted open houses online. Brick and mortar stores have pivoted to e-commerce.

Social media has supported these transitions through awareness-building and promotion. Experiment with which type of transition would work for you. You may discover a benefit of working remotely or virtually that you didn’t have before. It can allow you to expand your reach and your network, connect with new customers, and learn more about what your target consumer wants.

We Can Help You Navigate Re-Opening Your Business

At SocialEyes Communications, we are experts at growing online presences for businesses and utilizing all the amazing features social media platforms offer. We can help you establish your online presence and create a social media strategy that expands your reach, your network, and your sales. Contact us today to find out more.