Lookalikes and You: Grow Your Audience with a Foolproof Strategy

Did you know there is virtually no limit to the growth potential of your brand? While focusing on a niche or target audience is a good start to secure a foothold your industry’s market, growing your audience is essential for longevity.

There are a few tried and true ways to achieve organic audience growth, but there is one strategy in particular that offers unlimited growth potential. Lookalike audiences are a social media marketer’s key to unlocking the endless possibilities.

What is a Lookalike Audience?

In the simplest terms, a lookalike audience shares certain characteristics with your current audience members. These shared traits could indicate that members of the lookalike audience would also be interested in your product.

So, how does this information help your marketing efforts?

Let’s run through a simple example.

Say you are promoting a music festival. You notice many younger fans of your event also prefer neon coloured hair dyes. Using this information, you can create ad campaigns that target youth who purchase neon hair dyes.

Facebook’s Lookalike Tools

Facebook has fully embraced the power of lookalike audiences. The platform offers business owners access to built-in tools designed to target, track and adjust advertising campaigns aimed at lookalikes.

Even if you are a social media novice, Facebook’s lookalike tools are easy to master. The statistics and the math are handled by the website, while you are free to focus on the lookalikes you want to target. Check out this handy guideon how to create lookalike audiences with Facebook.

Endless Growth Opportunities

When it comes down to choosing which lookalikes you should target, Facebook, in particular, offers a range of options. The variance in traits lookalikes share with your core audience is ranked on a percentage scale. The higher the percentage, the fewer shared traits your lookalike audience will have with your current audience.

The best results for engagement occur at the lower end of the percentage scale. These are the lookalikes who share the most in common with your followers, so it makes sense that they would be the most interested in your brand.

Key Thoughts for Success

  • A higher percentage of variance means a wider audience sees your content, butthese people are also less likely to engage with your content.
  • Choose a lower variance percentage to ensure a higher rate of engagement.
  • Conduct multiple tests to measure your success rate and adjust your strategy as needed.

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