Lead Gen Techniques That You Can Implement NOW!

The more leads you can generate, the more sales you are likely to make, and the more profit you will earn. It sounds simple, but in practice it can be a challenge. A smart, diverse strategy will help you keep the leads rolling in.

Why is Tactical Lead Generation so Important?

Successful marketers do not rely on a single source for leads. They invest in multiple platforms and techniques to ensure that they have the best chance of reaching the largest audience possible. Offering target audiences easy ways to access content that benefits them helps to forge a relationship that converts to sales.

The Social Media Advantage

Social media is an engagement tool, so use it to connect with your audience.

  • Answer questions quickly and be sure to follow up with people who comment and show interest in your business.
  • Run giveaways and contests to give people an incentive to follow and share your page with others.
  • Post links to helpful recourses on your website.
  • Use platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Twitch to host webinars and live shows, and post shorter video content.

Offer Quality Content

Give something to get something in return. Make good quality content available through multiple avenues to build your reputation as an authority.

  • Blogs – Having a blog on your website gives you a place to show off your expertise and value. If they like what they see, your leads are likely to convert because the sales tab is right in front of them.
  • eBooks – With an eBook you can share more detailed content. You can even bundle up past blog posts with a little bit of new content for those who prefer long reports.
  • Case Studies/ Testimonials – Show potential clients proof that your services are effective.
  • Tutorials – Step by step tutorials and guides in video or written form can be used to instruct clients on how to use your services/products in the most effective and creative ways.
  • Emails – A monthly, weekly or bi-weekly newsletter is an excellent way to nurture and grow your connection with your mailing list. With emails, you can be sure it will be seen by recipients. Share high-quality content, special promotions and deals, and notify your followers about contests. Emails are also good tools for cross promotion of content you share on other platforms.

The Power of SEO: Common Mistakes to Avoid

Search engines are vital to how consumers discover solutions. Ensuring your website ranks well and is easy to navigate increases the likelihood of reaching quality leads.

  • Confusing Landing Page – Visitors to your website should be able to discern what your company represents and how your services can help them within 10 seconds of loading the page.
  • Lengthy Sign Up Forms – Avoid forms that require too much information. Keep it simple. Ask for an email address that enables visitors to receive newsletters, coupons and updates.
  • Out-of-Date Online Footprint – The information on your website, social media pages and review sites should always be up-to-date. On the chance that potential customers stumble across your MySpace account from 10 years ago, you will miss your chance at a sale because of old information. Check your footprint frequently and update as needed.

Successful lead generation relies on all of these pieces coming together. If you need help generating quality leads, be sure to connect with us at info@socialeyescommunications.com.