Attention Realtors: Adapt Your Business Via The Power Of Technology

Realtors everywhere are wondering how to continue business as usual when the climate is anything but normal. How can people buy houses if they’re in isolation? How can I best serve my clients right now? These are great questions that can be answered with technology. Specifically, through leveraging social media.

Social media has long been aiding in realtors’ marketing plans. Right now, more homebuyers/sellers are spending time on social media and the internet in general. This is the best place to communicate, connect, and engage with your clients.

Let’s start with one of the main tasks of being a realtor: showing your clients new listings through open houses and tours.

You can still provide these services through technology. Consider filming a tour of the listing and then posting it to your Instagram feed. It’s best to film it as a story so it can be watched later. File the story in a highlights reel for current listings. Your clients can see every aspect of the home from the safety of their current dwelling.

If your client is trying to sell their home, guide them on filming a tour. Take their video and edit it. Then, send it to your network of realtors. Collaboration with other agents has never been so important. Make sure you’re connected to other realtors on social media so you can see their new listings quickly and send their videos to your clients.

It’s also important for realtors to connect with fellow agents and both current and potential customers on a personal level through their social media channels. The good news is, there are various ways you can do this. Toronto realtor Adam Weiner + Associates for example utilizes Twitter and Instagram to share “meet the team” infographics that allow all followers to get to know different team members’ interests, specialties, and more.

Should you still focus on database building right now?

Absolutely! Email was important before Covid-19 and it’s still important now. People are spending more time on their laptops and computers, many working from home, so they have more access to their email than usual. Take advantage of this by creating email campaigns that cater to your clients’ needs. One campaign could be for buyers and another for sellers. Give them tips that pertain to their goals in the current climate.

Remember, not addressing the current climate can make you seem tone-deaf and insensitive. Don’t avoid talking about the situation, be authentic and real about it.

How can you continue building your reputation?

Again, through social media marketing. Your profiles are still great places to build authority and credibility in the industry. Plus, now is the perfect time to get authentic with your audience. Show your community that you’re also being affected and that we’re all in this together. You could do this by filming a live video on Instagram or Facebook. Share how you’ve been coping with the situation and any tips you can give others.

If you can come through with effective tips and real solutions to their problems, your reputation will grow. Consider all the different ways you can be of service to your clients right now.

Can you really sell houses online?

Totally. The reasons people want to sell their homes or buy new ones haven’t changed. The process of doing the selling and buying has. Being adaptable and proactive as a realtor is key in a time like this. Use technology and social media to your advantage and support your network of realtors. If you need some guidance when it comes to social media marketing during this pandemic, we can help. Contact us today to get started!