How to Prepare for the Last Quarter of 2022

There are four more months in 2022 to hit your sales and marketing goals. Now is not the time to take your foot off the pedal, it’s time to double down on your goals and the steps to achieving them. Not only are you thinking about the quarterly goals you want to hit, but also the goals you set for the year.

Here, we’re detailing the best ways to prepare for the last quarter of 2022 so you can end this year with a bang.

Get Clear on Your Goals

This is the last push of the year for you and your team. Being aligned with your company’s vision is key for everyone on the team to give their best.

Spend some time evaluating the goals you set for 2022 and what is left to accomplish in quarter four. Are your goals still attainable? Does your team have the manpower, time, and resources to accomplish them? Do you need to increase your goals due to having achieved so much this year already?

Get crystal clear on the goals for these next four months and make sure your team is on the same page.

Connect with Big Clients First

According to Sales Gravy, you should spend more time this quarter on the 20 per cent of clients that create the most business for you. Perhaps they pay for your highest tier package, account for the most billable hours in your firm, or have the most valuable connections you want to tap into.

Focus on how you can sell to them, nurture your relationship with them, and garner referrals from them. Sales Gravy also recommends coming back to leads that you had earlier in the year that didn’t quite happen. Go back to the leads that told you to contact them later in the year or to leads that didn’t have the funds back then.

Plan Your Remaining Marketing Budget

How much is left in your marketing budget for the year? If you work with a digital marketing agency (which we suggest you do!), discuss how you can make the most of the remaining budget. Decide where that money could be best spent to get the most ROI from it.

Working with marketing professionals is important here because that remaining money in your budget could lead to massive increases in website traffic, hits, and sales if delegated effectively.

Focus on the Prize

What if you’ve fallen behind on all of your quarterly goals this year? Maybe your business faced unforeseen circumstances that made staying open a challenge. Now is not the time to throw in the towel.

Quarter four is your time to focus on the prize, on ending the year with some type of goal achieved, even if it’s not what you originally planned. There are still four more months to turn things around, double down on your efforts, and make this year a success.

Interested in Optimizing Your Marketing Plan in Quarter Four?

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