How Social Media Advertising Is Changing the Game

Advertising strategy has evolved in the last 50 years. In recent history, print ads, flyers, billboards, and the classic bus stop bench ads were among the most common ways advertisers and businesses connected with their audiences. The invention of the internet and social media networks changed all of that.

In the last 5 to 10 years, social media networks have dominated the way we communicate and spend our time online. In 2017 we reached 2.46 billion social network users worldwide according to the statistics portal, Statista. Facebook remains the number one platform with the highest number of monthly active users, which in mid-2017 has reached 2.05 billion.

Continued mobile integration of social networks will see the number active users on social media rise steadily over the next few years. With the increased use of social media, on a cultural scale, the influence of social content now has a significant impact on our lives outside of our virtual worlds. In terms of advertising, the importance of this cultural shift is massive.

You Have Everything to Gain from Advertising on Social Networks

The future of advertising is rooted in online content and in social media. Investing your marketing efforts in social platforms has many benefits, but here are the top perks that you should know:

Reach a Bigger Audience – As we touched on earlier, there are 2.46 billion users on social networks right now and this number is only going to get bigger. Ads on social media have the potential to reach all of these users. You are no longer limited by physical location to expand your audience. Your customer base can grow locally and globally.

Increased Opportunities for Brand Engagement – An element of successful social media advertising is ensuring that there are enough opportunities for audiences to engage with your brand. This means posting quality content on a regular basis to keep your brand fresh in people’s minds.

Multiple Forms of Media to Work with – There are a huge array of social media platforms dedicated to different forms of media. You are no longer limited to just print, or just pictures. For example, you could post videos on YouTube, high-quality pictures and small clips on Instagram, and short, punchy copy on Twitter. Creating unique content for multiple social media platforms gives you the freedom to attract a more diverse audience.

Build a Stronger Connection with Your Target Demographics – These days, consumers are more attracted to brands with personality. Social media gives brands the opportunity to build a personality that promotes company values in a way that consumers can connect with. Branded social media accounts that are presented as characters or personified entities are perceived by audiences as refreshing and more “human.” Consumers want to know that brands care about them and their experiences with the brand.

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