How Lawyers Can Adapt to Today’s Climate

Law firms are among the fortunate businesses that can still thrive during this crisis. Not only can you connect with your clients online and through technology, but your services are still in demand. Now is not the time to retreat out of fear or anxiety. This is the time to adapt and to come out on top. Here are some tips to help guide you.

1. Leverage Social Media

If you haven’t already implemented a strong social media strategy, now is the time to do so. People are spending more time online these days, especially on social media platforms. Many are working from home and scrolling through social media for entertainment. Your firm should be active on your profiles as well as through social ads.

That also means doubling down on your engagement efforts. Reply to comments, create conversations, connect with your peers. Use the different features on each platform like stories, live videos, hashtags, and regular text and image posts.

What should you be posting about right now? How your law firm can help your clients through this difficult time. Show that you understand the challenges many are facing. What kinds of solutions can you provide? Be proactive, helpful, and authentic.

2. Optimize Your Website

Your law firm should already have a website that allows interested visitors to learn more about your services and contact you. Now is the time to optimize your website and make it even more useful. If your office is closed, people will be looking at your website for answers instead of calling your phone number. Have you made it easy for them to find those answers?

Here are some key elements of your site to focus on:

  • Clear and easy navigation
  • Cohesive branding
  • Downloadable forms and resources
  • Obvious contact information

Ensure your e-forms have e-signature capabilities. This makes signing documents even easier and more convenient for your clients.

Your contact page should now also include information regarding the crisis. If your physical office isn’t currently open, make that clear. Show them the best ways to contact you instead.

3. Offer Services Virtually

Service providers, like law firms, are fortunate because they don’t depend on brick and mortar locations as much as retail businesses do. Law firms don’t usually rely on window shoppers or walk-in traffic. Your essential tasks can all be done online with technology. For example,

  • To meet with your clients, set up Zoom or Skype calls
  • Communicate with your team through Slack
  • Scan paper documents into digital forms with mobile scanner apps

As long as you have a space to set up your laptop and take meetings, your business can continue as usual. Remember to adapt to your clients’ new realities by being more present on social media, optimizing your site, and making the most of technologies.

As for the court closures, request teleconference hearings when possible. Most hearings and general sittings of the court are being postponed, so be aware of that when creating timelines and deadlines with your team and clients.   Ready to level up your social media marketing strategy? Contact us today to get started.