How Family Time Can Improve Your Quality of Life

We spend so much of our time busy with work providing for our families, that sometimes we forget why we are working so hard in the first place. Nurturing the relationships we have with our family members (immediate, extended, or even friends who are like family) can help improve overall quality of life and can serve as a much needed reminder of what is truly important. Here’s why:

  • Improves Your Relationships

Family bonding is an important part of forming healthy relationships inside and outside the home.  Quality time spent with you children, your partner and your extended family can help strengthen those familial ties and foster a family culture of checking in and relying on one another. Showing appreciation and gratitude for the people that matter most in your life can bring on a sense of peace, calmness and stability. 

  • Creating Happy Memories

We tend to hold on to negative experiences and memories for longer than we do happy ones. To restore the balance, go out of your way to create happy memories with your loved ones. Joyful experiences and activities that you can share with each other will give you more positive memories that you can reflect upon whenever you are having a bad day or feeling overwhelmed by negative feelings.

  • Stress Relief 

Taking time to partake in family activities, cultivating relationships, confiding in one another and spending quality time can also aid in stress relief. Sometimes we just need that personal conversation with our partners, a lunch outing with a sister, a coffee date with a cousin or a movie date with a child to relieve some stress and have some fun. 

  • Encourage Positive Behaviour in Your Children

Children who spend regular quality time with their families and their parents in particular are shown to be more confident, more socially-adjusted and overall happier. Spending time with your children is a chance to model good behaviour and encourage them. To feel secure and grow from a strong foundation, children look to their parents to provide that stability through close care and attention. 

This family day, use your time off to reconnect with your family and the ones you love. A few hours of chatting, going to a movie, or even something as simple as staying in and cooking together is time spent investing in and nurturing some of the most important relationships in your life.