How do I grow my LinkedIn Company Page followers?

Your LinkedIN Company Page is important and useful for a variety of reasons. Your Company Page can be used as a community to share relevant information, increase your visibility, demonstrate your expertise, educate your followers, and validate your business. The question is not “should I have a Company Page?” but “how do I attract loyal followers to my Company Page?” These 5 tips will help you attract Company Page followers.

Tip # 1
Populate your LinkedIN Company Page with content prior to promoting the page. You want to ensure that once you start directing traffic to your page, it is a valuable “stay”. Populate your page with interesting and timely content, blogs, articles, images, etc. There could be nothing worse than putting time and effort into promoting a page that is empty once your
network and prospects visit it.

Tip #2
Once your page is populated with valuable and relevant content, start promoting by linking! Navigate traffic to your LinkedIN page in all of your communications including newsletters, blogs, emails, facebook posts, etc. Add a LinkedIN icon to your email signature linking through to your Company Page. Invite colleagues, friends, family and social networks to follow your page and offer you feedback on the content. This, in itself, will get people reading and joining.

Tip #3
Embed “follow” buttons on your website as a means to convert the visitors to your website into Company Page followers. A simple click of the button and they are directed to your page.

Tip #4
Utilize the power of advertising campaigns. Follower ads can be a targeted marketing campiagn to LinkedIN members in a certain industry, company and geographic location as a means to help attract the right followers. For example, a Toronto Law firm gains business through referrals. A firm launching a Company Page may want to target other professionals in the legal industry within a specific geographic location and age demographic. A real estate agent who focuses efforts on condo sales within the downtown core may wish to target men and women, age 35-45 in the Toronto area in any of the following industries: banking, financial services, law, advertising, marketing, human resources, etc. These ads encourage prospective clients and potential followers to click on “follow” and join the page! When members go ahead and follow your company, that activity broadcasts through their network which in turn will motivate others to follow as well.

Tip # 5
Content, content, content! As you build your following, it is important to continue to enhance engagement by sharing content,
offering valuable advice, educating your following and becoming the go-to professional in your industry.

More Traffic = More Leads = More Business

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