Financial Service Providers: See the Opportunity in Change

Businesses that offer financial services are being faced with a huge opportunity right now. People everywhere are evaluating their finances and wondering how they’re going to make it through this crisis. Your business can provide immense relief, support, and information. Taking advantage of this opportunity in an adaptable and effective way is your challenge. Here are some ways you can serve your customers.

  1.  Provide Information

This pandemic is changing every day. For most people, that uncertainty is alarming and unsettling. You can ease their nerves by providing accurate and timely information regarding finances. How are the pandemic changes affecting financial services? Are you communicating those changes to your customers?

You can provide this information in several ways. Send regular email updates to your clients. Write blog posts. Be active on social media. Research the questions your customers are asking and find different ways to answer them. Take telephone and video meetings with clients who want to talk in person.

Now is the time to get in front of your community and provide valuable insight. Your reliable information and guidance can be amazing for easing minds and nerves.

  • Be Present Online

You know where most of your customers are spending their time right now. At home and online. They’re scrolling through social media for entertainment, news, and advice. Your business needs to be leveraging its social media strategy to take advantage of this increase in traffic.

How can you leverage social media? By posting relevant, accurate, and empathetic content. Use stories and live videos to share helpful information and to give tips. As an expert in the field, your opinion on finances is hugely valuable right now. Don’t hesitate to help your audience.

Consider hosting a live video discussion where customers can ask you questions and get answers in real-time. Talk about the state of the economic climate right now. You can easily host this discussion through your smartphone from home. Remember to be authentic to the situation. It’s okay to share how you’re struggling and relate to your customers. Just be sure to follow with real solutions.  

  • Adapt to Technology

Most financial businesses use technology quite a bit, so adapting even further shouldn’t be a problem. The biggest changes you’ll have to make are switching to online meetings and communicating with your team and clients remotely. Some tools that make this easier are Slack, Asana, Zoom, and Skype.

If you weren’t doing this before, start making your application forms usable online. Clients should be able to fill out forms from their laptops and send them back to you. Make sure your forms have e-signature capabilities. Insurance advisors can continue to attract and convert leads by making the most of different technologies.

The demand for financial services is high right now. People are ready to learn about protecting their financial future and stretching their money further. It’s up to your business to seize this opportunity and adapt to the changes.

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