Everything You Need to Know About the New Pages Experience on Facebook

The social media landscape is constantly shifting with each platform seemingly adding new features monthly. As a realtor, attorney, and/or business owner, how can you keep up?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Keep reading to learn all about Facebook’s newest feature and how to take advantage of it in your digital marketing.

What Are Facebook Pages?

Your Facebook Page is your business’s headquarters on Facebook. It makes it easy for Facebook users to learn about your business, your services, your credibility, and how to work with you. Not only can you advertise your offerings with posts and ads and share relevant content to your Page feed, but users can also read testimonials from previous clients on your Page.

The New Facebook Pages Experience

While that original Facebook Page option is still available, Facebook has unveiled an updated, more intuitive version for you to transition to.

The new Facebook Pages experience layout is cleaner and more organized, which means it’s easier for users to navigate. It comes with impressive Page management tools that the previous version lacked.

From your Page, you can follow the pages of leaders in your industry, brands, and your partners. This creates a unique feed for your Page that you might not have in your individual profile.

For teams, the new Facebook experience allows you to give access to your colleagues to make posts or changes to the page. You can even give access to specific tasks within the Page.

Your new Facebook Page will still have all of the posts you made previous to the change, access to Instagram account linking, monetization and advertising, insights, your inbox, Stories, events, and groups. If your Page currently has a blue badge, that will also transfer to your new Page.

Should Your Business Transition to the New Pages?

Before you make the switch to a new Page, there are a few things you should know.

First, Page Likes will only transfer over to your new Page if the user also follows your Page.

Second, the roles you assign in the original Facebook Pages such as editors and moderators will not be available. Instead, you can assign access to specific tasks within the Page.

Third, you currently cannot schedule posts in the new Page experience. To do so, you will need to use the Meta Business Suite and Creator Studio.

Fourth, some content may not transition over from your old Page. Some Stories may not transition, your ads and messages could be in different places than you’re accustomed to. Your bio may need to be shortened.

While the new Pages experience isn’t perfect, it does offer many more advancements that can benefit you as a business owner. If you choose to give it a try, you may find that it provides a much better experience for your team and your followers. Plus, you can always switch back to the classic Pages experience.

Do You Need Help Creating Your Business Facebook Page?

Our team of social media marketing experts can craft a brand new Facebook page for your business, practice, or firm, or shift your current Page to the newest version. Simply reach out to us here!