Everything You Need to Know About Clubhouse

It seems like there’s a new platform on the marketing landscape every day, making it hard to know which ones are worth your time and marketing dollars. One of the newest and most intriguing social platforms is Clubhouse, where users can listen to or participate in live audio conversations with people from celebrities to experts.

How it Works

When you create an account and sign in, you will enter a “hallway” full of different rooms. The rooms you see are based on who you follow on Clubhouse and which rooms are trending at the time.

There is a search feature where you can enter people and topics that interest you. You can also start your own room.

The Benefits of Using Clubhouse for Business

Clubhouse is a unique opportunity for business owners and marketers to build a digital reputation and grow their followings. There are strategies you can implement (like joining rooms with smaller groups so that your voice stands out) that make your time investment go farther.

When you take the stage, this is a chance to provide value. You might be answering a question or offering advice or insight. The more value you add to the conversation, the more attendees will click your name and decide to follow you.

Your Clubhouse bio is where you can dive into who you are and what you do.

By hosting a room, you attract new followers and potentially new customers. One way to use Clubhouse for marketing is by sharing the stage with another expert in your industry, ideally one with a larger following than you.

In your rooms, think of it as a live panel discussion. You might want to take questions or comments from the audience, offer a break period, and even thank visitors for coming with a gift (ex. A promotional code to use in your store).

Is Clubhouse Replacing Podcasting?

No. While Clubhouse and podcasts are both audio mediums, they offer very different opportunities for the listener.

Listeners choose podcasts when they want to learn something new or be entertained hands-free. There may be advertisements and calls to action, and they can be an excellent opportunity to share your knowledge and provide listeners with value.

Clubhouse hosts live interactive discussions between members and panelists. Your profile has a follower count and bio section, making it more akin to social media platforms than podcasting.

Should You Be Using Clubhouse?

Clubhouse could be an interesting option if your target audience is interested in diving deeper (spending more than 30 seconds watching a video) into a topic that you can provide insight on. If you have the time to commit to joining rooms and hosting rooms, it could be a worthwhile investment.  

It is a great platform for thought leadership, learning more and delving into themes/topics.

Need Help With Your Online Presence?

Clubhouse is just one of the many social media platforms that can help you garner a digital presence. We specialize in using these platforms to boost your reputation and grow your business.

If you’re interested in learning how we can help transform your online presence, reach out to us today.