Email Marketing: Newsletter Campaigns VS Email Automation Campaigns

Your business or firm may have a website and social media pages, but another aspect of digital marketing you don’t want to skip out on is email marketing. This lucrative tactic can skyrocket your client retention rate, garner new clients, and ensure no opportunity to upsell is missed.

There are two common types of email marketing, newsletter campaigns and email automation campaigns, and here we will explore both.

What Are Newsletter Campaigns?

Newsletters are individual emails that you can schedule to go out to your email list every week, month, or other specific time frames. They might include news about the business or industry, topics that the client cares about, tips or guides, announcements, and reminders.

For example, a tax filing company might send out a monthly newsletter with tips for their business owner clientele to manage their taxes throughout the year.

The goal of a newsletter campaign is to build rapport with your following. They aren’t intended for direct selling or aggressive promoting. Newsletters allow your recipients to see the human side of your brand, learn about what you do, and be reminded of how you can help them.

What Are Email Automation Campaigns?

Email automation campaigns are emails that are sent out when triggered by a customer’s behaviour on your website. These are usually existing clients or customers whose email addresses are already in your email marketing software.

An example would be when a customer adds items from your online store to their cart and then closes the window without purchasing. This action could trigger an automated email that tells the customer that they left without purchasing what was in their cart, serving to remind them to come back and complete the transaction.

Another example would be an automated email that goes out to a recent client providing them with a discount code for their next purchase.

Email automation campaigns are an effective way to re-market to previous customers. Since these automations come from email marketing software, you can track how many emails are sent based on different triggers which give you more information about your customers and how they like to shop.

Which Email Marketing Tactic is Right for My Business?

Both newsletters and email automation campaigns are effective methods of digital marketing. However, they serve different purposes. If you are looking to support the sales cycle, improve customer retention, and increase sales, then an email automation campaign is an excellent choice. If you want to increase customer loyalty, strengthen your connection with customers, and increase brand awareness, a monthly newsletter would be a better option.

To maximize the ROI you can see from email marketing, you might consider using both campaign strategies in your marketing plan to reap the benefits of each.

Interested in Using Email Marketing to Grow Your Business?

We can help! Whether you need an email newsletter campaign or an automated email campaign, SocialEyes Communications has the expertise and experience to ensure your emails get opened and acted on. Contact us today to learn more.