Creating High Performing Ads on Social Media

Advertising on social media is an absolute must for any business, but how do you get started? The recipe for success is simple and intuitive. That said, there are definitely a few “must haves” that will improve your chances of running a top performing ad.

Check out our top tips below:


  1. Creative Musts – Top-Notch Visuals

Rule #1, your ads must have a visual competent. In fact, the majority of your posts on social media should have a visual competent. Text alone won’t cut it.

When potential customers are scrolling through your feed, it is the imagery that captures their attention first. Striking visual content will force them to stop and investigate further.

What do we mean by striking visual content? Bright, attractive colours, interesting fonts, engaging subject matter, and so on.

The visuals should also be a solid representation of your brand. Take Grace Bonney for example. Her design blog and Instagram page are great examples of enticing and unique visual content that consistently reflects a common theme throughout.


  1. Make Your Content Clean and Uncluttered

You might be thinking, “How will people know what my business can offer them if I don’t tell them everything upfront?” Here’s the thing: ads should peak a viewer’s interest. A wall of text or cluttered visuals will turn people off. Uncluttered content is just more pleasant to look at.

Focus on including the most important content only. Remember, you can run multiple ads with different content, so no need to stuff it all into one ad. Check out the posts on Zoe Sugg’s Twitter profiles for her lifestyle brand and her clothing line. Every post is simple and gets straight to the point.


  1. Intriguing Posts Will Lure People In

People’s curiosity will be your biggest asset. The more intriguing your posts are, the more likely it is that people will click through on your ads.

So, what does an intriguing post look like? Take a look at the Facebook and Instagram pages of Kayla Itsines. Being a health and fitness guru, she dedicates much of her page to health and fitness tips.

The majority of her posts are spotlighting the before and after pictures of her followers who have achieved great results with her fitness plans. The side-by-side comparison is a powerful image because it evokes the question, “How did this person get so fit in so little time?” Clicking through to her page answers the question.


Running social media ads that produce high conversion rates is, in fact, achievable. These tips should set you on the right track, but if you want to maximize your efforts or you just need more guidance, be sure to reach out to us! SocialEyes Communications has the expertise to help you master social media advertising. Call us at (416) 938-1240 or email us at