Becoming a “Thought Leader” in Your Niche

Are you an expert in your field? Share that knowledge with your followers and grow your reputation among industry leaders with our top tips. 

What Makes a Thought Leader Special?

The term “thought leader” was first coined to recognize industry leaders with a knack for problem-solving. Thought leaders are the go-to experts. They share their knowledge freely and often take young up-and-comers under their wing. They are insightful innovators propelling their industries towards a better future. 

Share Your Know-How

To be recognized as a thought leader you will first need to prove your worth. Forget your certificates, degrees and resume, this is all about the real world advice you have to share. This is about the kind of know-how you can only develop through years and years of actually doing the job. 

To be an authority in your niche, you’ll need to start by thinking about your industry peers. What tips and advice do you have that your peers would be able to verify and connect with to some degree? 

Avoid talking to your readers as if they are completely ignorant. Start with building an audience among your peers and then expand and tailor your content for the layperson as you grow your brand. 

Diversify Your Products and Services

People consume content in different ways. Some prefer watching videos, while others prefer listening to podcasts or reading. How you share your knowledge with the world is up to you, but just make sure you give your followers plenty of options. 

Take a look at the catalogues of some of the most successful thought leaders out there. People like Amy Porterfield, Dave Ramsey and Christy Wright all offer a variety of ways to benefit from their expertise and consume their content.

Here are few distribution options to explore:

  • Blogging
  • eBooks
  • podcasts
  • online courses and workshops
  • YouTube videos and Facebook Live shows 
  • Apps, browser extensions and mobile tools

Trends and You: Post Timely Insights

Maintain your relevance in your industry as a whole by sharing your insights on timely topics and newsworthy events. Not only will you reach more people by creating content on timely topics, but you’ll also establish yourself as a resource for useful information. 

The internet has a short memory, so if you want to stay relevant make both posting frequency and crafting high-quality content your top priorities. 

Looking for some personalized advice on how to shape your brand into an authority in your field? Contact us today. We have a whole team of web marketing experts standing by to share their expertise with subject matter experts just like you!