Are Sales the Same as Marketing? (Spoiler: They’re Not!)

Two factors that determine the success and growth of your business are sales and marketing. While these two departments have some overlap, they are different. As a digital marketing company, we see time and time again the confusion around this topic, so keep reading for a full breakdown of sales and marketing, and how to excel at both.

What’s the Difference Between Sales and Marketing?

Essentially, marketing is about creating opportunities for your business while sales is about finalizing the transaction. This difference is something that we find is often blurred when clients first come to us.

Marketing is about getting exposure, creating awareness, and garnering attention for your service or product. It’s an external process that is required to make sales.

Sales is the completion of that cycle which ends in a transaction. It’s typically an internal process.

Here’s an example. A potential client sees your Facebook ads online and decides to call you for a free consultation. This is marketing at work. The call itself and the client’s decision to work with you come down to sales. The two elements need to connect and there needs to be a smooth transition with shared information between them. They each require separate strategy plans, software programs, and expertise.

How to Excel at Marketing

Digital marketing is not a one-size-fits-all way to grow your business. It is multi-faceted and requires advanced expertise to be successful. Here at SocialEyes, we take care of every facet of your marketing plan from creation to execution to monitoring:

We know that you probably don’t have time to master all the elements that make marketing effective, so we take care of them for you!

How to Excel at Sales

Once your marketing plan is in the works and you’ve started attracting leads, it’s up to you to navigate the sales process. We recommend using a reputable sales software program. For example, Salesforce’s Sales Cloud.

Programs like this allow you to track the contact you’ve had with each lead. You can track when they contacted you, if you’ve reached out to them, and where they are in your sales funnel. In addition to lead management, you can also collect your sales data and generate real-time sales forecasts.

The most important thing to remember that marketing does not close sales, you do. It is up to you to contact and nurture communication with the leads your marketing strategy brings in.

How We Can Uplevel Your Marketing Efforts

SocialEyes Communications is a digital marketing company that can help your business reach new audiences, build brand awareness, and attract your target customers. While we are experts in marketing, we do not handle sales.

If you’re interested in creating a custom marketing plan or taking your current marketing plan to the next level, contact us today.